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Arnold Perey
Photo for Arnold Perey

Affiliation: Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Department: Education

Location: New York, NY, UNITED STATES


Twitter: AestheticAnthro

Biography: Arnold Perey, Ph.D., Aesthetic Realism Consultant, anthropologist and teacher educator, earned his BA in anthropology from the University of Chicago and his doctorate from Columbia University. His field research was with the Paiute-Shoshone nation in Nevada and the Mountain Ok people of Papua New Guinea, both sponsored by the National Science Foundation. His doctoral dissertation, based on Aesthetic Realism, was sponsored by Margaret Mead. He taught at Brooklyn College and Queensborough Community College (CUNY), Seton Hall University, and Drew University. He is on the Aesthetic Realism Foundation faculty where he teaches “Anthropology Is about You and Everyone.” His articles include "A New Perspective for American Anthropology: The Philosophy of Aesthetic Realism" (presented at the American Anthropological Association) and "The Real Opposition to Racism." Dr. Perey is in Who’s Who in American Education, is a contributor to Aesthetic Realism and the Answer to Racism, is the author of Gwe, Young Man of New Guinea: A Novel against Racism; and Were They Equal? retelling an African story for children which he also illustrated.


PhD, Columbia University, 1973

Subfield: Cultural Anthropology

Job Type: Academic & Practicing

Geographic Areas of Expertise:
North America


Melanesian Pidgin

Interests/Specialty Areas:


I went into Anthro because: I knew of anthropology from many visits to the American Museum of Natural History from earliest childhood. After my second year in college, I read Elizabeth Marshall Thomas' beautiful book about the San people of Southern Africa, titled The Harmless People. It was just as I was beginning to feel a career in theoretical physics did not meet my hopes. I was looking for my own essential humanity, and in reading the fine writing of Thomas, I felt I too wanted to live among people who could make me a

My latest research is: My latest research I will describe on another occasion. My current work arises logically from the research that you can see on my website, -- authentically relating the selves of people today, including myself, to people of other times and places through the principles of Aesthetic Realism, founded by the greatly important American philosopher, Elil Siegel.