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AAA 2016
AAA 2016

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Participation Rules and Policies

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In This Section

Participation and Exemptions
Participation is limited to current paid AAA members, to join please click here. Visiting scholars from other disciplines or for anthropologist from countries other than the United States or Canada are eligible to obtain an exemption from the membership requirement. Individuals with membership exemptions are nonmembers and will be required to pay a higher non-member registration fee.

Exemption from the Membership Requirement
Membership Exemption nullifies the requirement to be a member in order submit a proposal. An exemption from the membership requirement does not provide a complimentary membership and it does not annul the payment of a meeting registration fee. All participants must pay a meeting registration fee.

Non-anthropologists and anthropologists from outside of the United States and Canada are eligible to receive an exemption of the membership requirement, but must pay the non-member registration fee to submit an abstract, proposal, or participate in the Annual Meeting program. You must apply for the membership exemption and receive approval or denial prior to submitting your proposal. You should submit your membership exemption request well before the April 14 deadline in order to receive a decision and have time to submit your proposal. No proposals will be accepted after the April 14 deadline, regardless of circumstance.

To request an exemption of the membership requirement, log onto Anthro Gateway and select "Request Assistance" from the left navigation menu. Select Request: Annual Meeting Proposal Membership Exemption. Reason for Request: Request an exemption of the membership requirement. Add a summary and details of why you are eligible for the membership exemption and submit. After receiving the exemption go to the registration page and pay the nonmember registration fee. If you do not receive the exemption, you must join AAA.

Registration Requirement All Annual Meeting program participants must register; any participants who have not registered by April 14 will be dropped from the session proposal. The registration requirement is for all AAA Annual Meeting session types (scholarly sessions, special events, installations, gallery (formerly posters), workshops, and mentoring events).

Online Submission
No proposals for participation in the scholarly program of the meeting can be considered unless formally submitted through the Call for Papers submission site by April 14.

Final Program Decision
The AAA follows a policy of peer review and merit consideration for acceptance and inclusion on the program. The programming decisions are made by a committee composed of section program reviewers, executive program committee members, the executive program chair and officers of the AAA.

Review Procedure
Organizers and presenters are required to select one review section when submitting proposals online. The decision should be made on the basis of content and intended audience; membership in a section has no bearing on the review process. Volunteered sessions and individually volunteered papers and posters are reviewed by section program reviewers and committees established by each of the sections of the AAA. The recommendations of these sections are forwarded to the executive program chair, who assumes final responsibility for the acceptance or rejection of proposals. The executive program committee prepares the final program schedule following the rankings submitted by each section. All final program notifications about acceptance and scheduling will be mailed by the executive program chair via email in July. There is no appeal process.

Presentation Policy (One-Plus-One rule)
Participants may only: (1) present one paper/poster, or serve as a participant on roundtable or Installation and (2) accept no more than one discussant role elsewhere on the program. An individual may serve as organizer or chair of an unlimited number of sessions. The policy of one major presentation plus one discussant role will be strictly enforced. The program committee will remove any name that appears more than twice on the scholarly program and urges individuals to refrain from accepting more than one commitment of any kind in the scholarly program. A participant may be credited with co-authorship of one or more additional papers when co-authorship is understood to include participation on a research project. Presenters’ names must appear first.

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