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Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016
Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016

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Late Breaking Sessions Proposal Submission Types

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In This Section

The submission portal will accept Late Breaking proposal submissions from August 13 through September 14 at 3 pm Eastern. Accept/decline notifications will be sent the week of October 8.

Late breaking submissions are topical, timely, and relevant to current events. A limited number of late breaking sessions will be accepted, and the number of slots for Oral Presentation Sessions and Roundtables is dependent upon the Annual Meeting venue's spatial availability. The Call for Proposals site will open on Monday, August 13 and will close at 3 pm EDT on Friday, September 14. Accept/decline notifications will be sent to submitters the week of October 8 (via email).

Submission Options for Individuals

Individual Gallery (Poster)
>> Individual Galleries allow for an individual's work to be displayed via a poster format. If accepted on the scholarly program, they will be assigned a timeslot with posters of similar thematic topics.


Submission Options for Groups of Two or More

Oral Presentation Session
>> A lecture-based panel WITH seven (7), 15-minute timeslots for paper presentations and/or moderated discussion.

** Oral Presentation Session note: There are only seven (7), 15-minute timeslots designated for Oral Presentation sessions. Organizers and chairs do not have timed roles, and therefore do not count toward the timeslot limit. Discussant and paper presenter roles are timed, so you cannot exceed seven (7) total discussants or paper presenters for this session type.


>> A discussion-based panel WITHOUT papers or timed 15-minute presentations.

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