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Who are AAA members?
AAA members are anthropologists, anthropology students, and researchers / students in allied fields.  Our members work in the academy, public, private and non-governmental sectors. Our members are trained in one or more of anthropology’s four sub-fields: sociocultural anthropology, biological/physical anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics.

AAA membership consists of two types, Individual and Institutional:

Individual Member Categories Dues (Chart below) Application 
Professional See Chart Join|Renew PDF


See Chart Join|Renew PDF
Undergraduate* $35 



Club: $20

Club Member: $30

No online option for Club

Club Member: Join|Renew

Retired See Chart Join|Renew PDF
Joint See Chart No online option PDF
Associate $125 Join|Renew PDF
International (LDC) $30 Join|Renew PDF
Lifetime $4,000 Join via Email  
Institutional Membership
Department Services Program (DSP) $250 Join|Renew  

 *Student Status Eligibility
Please send a copy of your current student id or proof of current enrollment via email to:


Publication(s) Print On-Demand Fee
As of 2016, all AAA journals are digital with a print-on demand option.View section(s) publication fees

AAA Publication Print Opt-In Annual Fee
American Anthropologist $24.00

Dues Chart
Individual: Professional, Student, and Retired dues are determined by income and the ability to pay.
Joint: The partner or spouse will pay 55% of the professional, student or retired dues amount based on the salary of the primary member 

Annual Salary Individual Dues  Joint Dues 
$0 – 20,000 $60.00 $33.00
$20,001 - 24,999 $138.00 $76.00
$25,000 - 49,999 $174.00 $95.00
$50,000 - 74,999 $204.00 $112.00
$75,000 - 99,999 $235.00 $129.00
$100,000 - 124,999 $265.00 $146.00
$125,000 - 149,999 $296.00 $163.00
$150,000 + $326.00 $180.00
Gift Membership


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