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In This Section

Section Membership | Fall Promotion

From Our Sponsors

In This Section

Engage With Your Section

AAA members can collaborate with AnthroFriends and mentors through exclusive access to 40 specialized section and interest group memberships. More than 20 AAA sections are offering 10% off their membership dues to new and former (2 or more years lapsed) members through October 31, 2018. Participating sections are listed below.

To see if you are eligible, click on the promo code request link.


A&E Anthropology and the Environment Promo Code Request
AD Archaeology Division  Promo Code Request
AFA Association for Feminist Anthropology  Promo Code Request
AfAA Association for Africanist Anthropology  Promo Code Request
AIA Association of Indigenous Anthropologists Promo Code Request
AQA Association for Queer Anthropology  Promo Code Request
ASA Association of Senior Anthropologists  Promo Code Request
C&A Culture and Agriculture Promo Code Request
CMA Council for Museum Anthropology
Promo Code Request
CSAS Central States Anthropological Society
Promo Code Request
EAS Evolutionary Anthropology Society  Promo Code Request
GAD General Anthropology Division  Promo Code Request
NAPA National Association for the Practice of Anthropology  Promo Code Request
SAC Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness Promo Code Request
SAE Society for the Anthropology of Europe  Promo Code Request
SAFN Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition  Promo Code Request
SAR Society for the Anthropology of Religion Promo Code Request
SAW Society for the Anthropology of Work  Promo Code Request
SCA Society for Cultural Anthropology  Promo Code Request
SEA Society for Economic Anthropology  Promo Code Request
SHA Society for Humanistic Anthropology  Promo Code Request
SLA Society for Linguistic Anthropology  Promo Code Request
SLACA Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology  Promo Code Request
SPA Society for Psychological Anthropology  Promo Code Request
SUNTA Society for Urban, National, and Transnational/Global Anthropology  Promo Code Request
SVA Society for Visual Anthropology Promo Code Request







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