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AnthroSource FAQs

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In This Section

General AnthroSource Information

Publications FAQs - Stay Informed

AnthroSource is a service that offers AAA members and subscribing libraries full-text anthropological resources, including: a digital searchable database containing the past, present and future AAA publications; more than 300,000 full-text articles from AAA journals, newsletters, bulletins and monographs in a single place; and 24/7 access to scientific research information across the field of anthropology.

On July 22, 2015, Wiley and AAA relaunched AnthroSource with new functionality, including:

  • Great new look and feel, including on smart phones and tablets.
  • Enhanced discoverability of content with full-text searching.
  • Easy navigation that gets researchers to full-text content within two clicks.
  • Altmetric scores and social media sharing.

The domain will continue and redirect to our new URL. Just as before, all content and journal titles remain the property of the AAA. Members logins remain the same and members must login first, in order to access full-text content.

For more detailed information, read an article by Wiley Associate Editor, Mike O'Riordan, "AnthroSource 2.0" (2014), Association Business. Anthropology News, 55: e24–e30. doi:10.1111/j.1556-3502.2014.55903.x.


On July 22nd, AnthroSource was launched with improved design and new functionality, described in this September 2014 an article on the new AnthroSource 2.0 written by Wiley Associate Editor, Mike O'Riordan. Specifically the new site now:
- Great new look and feel – access the site anytime, anywhere, on any device.
- Enhanced discoverability of content across all AnthroSource journals with full-text searching.
- Easy navigation – reach content in as few as two clicks.
- Altmetric scores available – measure each article’s impact across all forms of media.

In most cases, issues become available on AnthroSource just prior to the completion of the printed version.

YES! As a AAA member, you have full access to AnthroSource wherever you can connect to the Internet.

You can either become a member of AAA by clicking here for more information.
Recommend AnthroSource to a librarian by clicking here.

Yes, for non-members AnthroSource content can be accessed on a pay-per-view basis via ReadCube. Wiley Online Library, in conjunction with ReadCube, provides flexible, attractively priced options to access individual journal articles through either permanent access in the Cloud, 48-hour online rental or as a standard PDF download. For more information on access options and pricing, please visit this page.

If you would like to purchase online access, please visit the article on AnthroSource on this page or contact a Wiley-Blackwell customer service representative at

AAA members have full-text access to all AnthroSource content as a benefit of membership. Institutional AnthroSource subscribers have access to all content with the exception of the most recent 10 years of Anthropology News. The offer of current Anthropology News content online is exclusive to AAA members.

There are five important differences:

  1. The most recent seven years of AAA's journals are not available through JSTOR. However, the complete run of AAA journals will be available through AnthroSource.
  2. AnthroSource provides reference links to all materials referenced in the articles that are also available on the web. JSTOR does not have this capacity.
  3. AnthroSource content is CrossRef indexed and constantly refreshed.
  4. All material in AnthroSource is indexed through Google, whereas JSTOR content is not.
  5. JSTOR includes only six AAA publications; whereas AnthroSource includes all 32 of AAA's periodical publications.

Accessing and Using AnthroSource

Your username, by default, is your email address that AAA has in our records.

Your password is not automatically generated.  What is your password?

This depends on how you joined the AAA.

  • Online
    If you joined online, you created a password to complete the process. This password is not saved by the AAA. If you need to change your password, please click here or email us at:
  • PDF/Phone
    If you did not join online, a password was not created for you. To create a password, please click here or email us at:

AnthroSource is a benefit of AAA membership and can be accessed using the following method:

  • From the AAA website toolbar (at the very top of the screen), click the "Login" link
  • Enter username and password
  • Click the "Click here to use AnthroSource Now" button at the top left of the screen to access AnthroSource

Members can also access the site by going directly to: and clicking on the red "Log In" button on the right side. After entering in your username (your email) and password, you will be redirected back to the site.

There are two ways to do this:

  1. If your library provides internet access, you can login as a AAA member.
  2. If your library subscribes to AnthroSource, you can access it using their subscription.

We recommend that you delete the cookies from your computer and try logging-in again.

If using Internet Explorer please click on the "Tools" drop-down menu and select "Internet Options." Under the "General" tab and the section "Browsing history" please click on "Delete..." after the "Delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords and web form information."

Please click here to view information on how to delete cookies from other browsers.

If you encounter problems while using a Mac, this document may help.

Yes. When accessing AnthroSource using a PC we recommend using the Internet Explorer browser. When accessing AnthroSource using a MAC we recommend using FireFox.

If you encounter problems while using a Mac, this document may help.

Yes. As a AAA member, you can download and save to your computer and/or print full-text articles, abstracts, and tables-of-contents from AnthroSource.

AnthroSource supports CiteULike, Mendeley and RefWorks.

Articles will be indexed so that a Google search can find them in AnthroSource via keyword, abstract, author, title, or publication.

Librarians' FAQs

Please ask your librarian administrator to contact Wiley Customer Care at for questions about updating their EZproxy access.

Many institutions who subscribe to AnthroSource have two links for their users. One set takes them to the journal homepages on Wiley Online Library, like this example: These are still valid and should not be changed.

They may also have links to journal pages on the AnthroSource website like this one: These should be updated. Please contact Wiley Customer Care at for a list of the old and new journal links.

Subscribing to AnthroSource is easy! Click here for pricing and to subscribe.
Contact your Account Representative or email:

Send your request to Wiley-Blackwell at

Please provide:

  • IP address/range
  • Library/institution name
  • Primary contact (name and email or phone)

AnthroSource usage statistics are available on a title basis directly from the Wiley Online Library platform. Detailed instructions are available at the Customer Administration page.

If you have further questions, please contact

Yes, AnthroSource subscribers are validated for access according to IP address/range.

To update your library/institution's IP address for AnthroSource access, please contact Wiley-Blackwell at

When a library or institution subscribes to AnthroSource they receive full online access to all AnthroSource content, with the exception of the most recent 10 years of Anthropology News. When the subscription ends, the library or institution retains access to the content published within the subscription period.

Anthropology News is one of AAA's central benefits of membership. Since AnthroSource launched in 2005, Anthropology News has been included in the subscription package offered to institutions with 10 year embargoed access. This means the subscribing institutions have online access to all Anthropology News content with the exception of the most recent 10 years. This is intended to guard the exclusive offer of Anthropology News to AAA members.