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Field School Opportunities

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In This Section


You can now search for field school opportunities through the AnthroGuide database! 


The following is a list of field school opportunities. The American Anthropological Association does not advocate for or against these institutions, but merely supplies information. Contact Lauryl Zenobi, AAA's AnthroGuide coordinator to discuss options for promoting your school.


OSEA — The Open School of Ethnography and Anthropology (since 2004, offers ethnography field school for undergraduates, graduate students and post-degree non-students. OSEA offers Four and Six Week summer programs and an Intensive Maya Language Immersion program (FLAS eligible). OSEA offers an Internship research positions for grad students and advanced undergrads.  Variable start date mid-June. Conducted in Yucatan, Mexico. Please contact Prof. Quetzil Castañeda for more information Visit our website for program information. Visit the OSEA Facebook page and OSEA YouTube channel for photos, current news, and videos of student research presentations. 

Messors Cultural Heritage Workshops offer participants week-long field work opportunities across a range of disciplines. 2017 workshops include:  Culinary & Shepherding June 1-8, exploring the connection between food, culture, and landscape. Art Restoration Workshop Fresco & Canvas, June 13 -28.  Fornello Sustainable Preservation Project, July 3 - 14 and July 19 -30. 

Western Illinois University (WIU) Archaeological Field School, June 5 - July 2, 2017, will focus on survey and excavations at the Orendorf and Rice Lake Terrace prehistoric archaeological sites along the Illinois River in Fulton County, Illinois. Field school students will enjoy this rare opportunity to participate in the excavation of such an unusual, multi-component site. For more information contact Dr. Andrea Alveshere

Achill Archaeological Field School is Ireland’s oldest field school, and is based on Achill Island on the west coast of Ireland. We offer six, four, and two week residential courses in archaeological excavation and surveying. In 2017 we will run two projects, the first on an early 19th century communal village, and the second on a Middle Bronze Age roundhouse. 

Heidelberg University Johnson's Island Civil War Prison Field School, June 5 to July 7, 2017. During the five week session students will gain archaeological excavation experience as well as learn about the U.S. Civil War and the prison system. For more information contact Dr. David Bush or visit the field school website.

Pizzo Archaeology Field School 2017 in Sicily is open to graduate and undergraduate students. Participants will learn excavation techniques as well as pottery analysis. For more information contact

Smiths Island Archaeology Field School, Bermuda, July 9 - August 5, 2017. Students will learn about the early Modern Atlantic World and learn all aspects of fieldwork, including excavation methods, artifact identification, documentary research, mapping, photography, and 3D digital modeling. Visit the field school blog for more information.

The Comitas Institute for Anthropological Study Summer Field School in Ethnographic Methods in New York City - June 12 to 22, 2017, offers students training in the foundations and practice of ethnographic methods. For more information or to register, see, or write to Renzo Taddei at

The Center for Applied Anthropology (CfAA) at Northern Kentucky University organizes an annual ethnographic field school in Belize from May 30-June 28 2017. Applications due February 24, 2017, apply here.

Slavia Field School in Mortuary Archaeology, Poland, June 26 - July 19, 2017. This Ohio State University course will continue exhumation of Site Gz10, an 11th century AD (early Medieval) cemetery with Christian mortuary characteristics. Students will learn archaeological fieldwork and human burial excavation techniques, and receive training in human osteology and conservation methods. For more information email or contact course director Amanda Agnew.

Coastal Ecuador Archaeology, The Florida Atlantic University archaeological field program in Ecuador. The program provides intensive and comprehensive training in archaeological field methods and interpretation as well as a module on human remains. Program runs June 24 – August 6, 2017. Please contact Valentina Martinez for more information. 

The Coastal Ecuador Ethnography course provides students with an opportunity to carry out ethnographic research on village life in a coastal Ecuadorian village. Students are encouraged to choose topics that are meaningful to the local community and its efforts and development goals. Program runs June 24 – August 6, 2017. For more information contact Michael Harris

Ethnographic Field School in the Ecuadorian Amazon, June 1 - July 1, 2017. Offered through Appalachian State University, participating students work directly with an indigenous women's cooperative focused on gender, sustainable community tourism, and the transformation/conservation of local traditions. Deadline to apply is February 15, 2017. For more information contact Dr. Jon Carter, or Dr. Christina Sornito.

Flinders University's Conservation Practicum in Adelaide, Australia is a one week intensive (September 18-29, 2017) session that trains students in maritime archaeology conservation practices. For more information, email Dr. Wendy van Duivenvoorde.

Flinders University is offering an Introductory Archaeological Geophysics session September 18-29, 2017 for students interested in the application of ground penetrating radar, resistivity, and other tools used in archaeological geophysics and archaeometry. For more information contact Dr. Ian Moffet

The Ethnoarchaeology Field School at Flinders University teaches students how to undertake ethical and culturally sensitive ethnoarchaeological research with Aboriginal communities. Activities may include site recording, artefact recording, and collecting oral histories. Session runs April 10-14, 2017. For more information email Project Director, Dr. Heather Burke

Human Osteology Laboratory Intensive at Flinders University provides students with a detailed introduction to the human skeleton. The program runs from 30 October- 3 November, 2017. For more information email

Huari-Ancash Bio-Archaeological Research Project Field School 2017 aims to learn of the lifestyle of the prehispanic population in Peru Highlands. The project revolves around funeral aspects and ancestral cults, and is supported by Instituto de Estudios Huarinos under direction of Bebel Ibarra Asencios, Researcher of Department of Anthropology at Tulane University.

The Balkan Heritage Field School promotes practical education in the field of archaeology, history and art history of South-Eastern Europe. For more information about field school opportunities, email

Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility at the University of Alberta offers a Fieldschool for Ethnographic Sensibility in Belgrade, Serbia from May 29 – July 7, 2017. The Fieldschool is aimed at anthropologists who want to develop their ethnographic sensibility with the particular focus on non-verbal, embodied patterns of everyday life, artists who want to explore the convergences between ethnographic and artistic training, and designers, architects, urban-planners and others interested in engaging with their practice in a culturally sensitive way. For more information contact Marko Zivkovic,

Aditu Mortuary Archaeological Field School is a three week course spent excavating the Medieval sanctuary of San Miguel in Excelsis is located in Western Navarre, in the municipality of Uharte-Arakil. Students will learn about skeletal anatomy, mortuary excavation practices, and the regional archaeology. For further information and enquiries send an email to Aditu Archaeology at

Caherconnell Archaeology Field School provides unforgettable archaeological experiences within the unique Burren region in Western Ireland, in partnership with the National University of Ireland in Galway.

The Institute for Field Research (IFR) offers dozens of archaeology field schools across the world.  IFR field schools are intensive research-based programs, where students are part of research projects.  IFR field schools are annually peer-reviewed by leading scholars in the field.

The Irish Fieldschool of Prehistoric Archaeology Offered through the National University of Ireland, Galway, this is the only archaeological field school singularly focused on Ireland's prehistory.

Archaeology Fieldwork 

Archaeology Field School and Volunteer Directory  Searchable by city, state, country, and region.  

Passport in Time A volunteer program of the USDA Forest Service.

Shovelbums The archaeology and CRM professional's resource for jobs, news and gear + new international field schools directory.

Center for American Archaeology Offers variety of programs for all ages.

Department of Anthropology at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History   offers four weeks of intensive training in seminars and hands-on workshops at the museum and at an off-site collections facility. Students are introduced to the scope of collections and their potential as data.  Students become acquainted with strategies for navigating museum systems, learn to select methods to examine and analyze museum specimens, and consider a range of theoretical issues that collections-based research may address. 

The School for Field Studies (SFS)  Provider of environmental field study abroad programs for American undergraduate students in Australia, Bhutan, Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, Tanzania and Turks & Caicos Islands.

Disclaimer: The America Anthropological Association does not advocate for or against these institutions, but merely supplies information.

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