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AAA Past Presidents Support Post-Election Resolution

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In This Section

November 30, 2016

The  Past Presidents of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) strongly support the Resolution on Behalf of the American Anthropological Association in the wake of the 2016 National Elections, issued on November 30, 2016. We call on all anthropologists everywhere to work towards "mutual respect, equal rights, and freedom of expression," in the words of the resolution.

Let us heed again what Ruth Benedict said many years ago, "The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences." This is a time for us to present a united front in using our evidence to fight against the rise of hate crimes, discrimination and fear-mongering.

Don Brenneis

Jane Buikstra

Virginia Dominguez

Alan Goodman

Monica Heller

Jane H. Hill

Louise Lamphere

Setha Low

Yolanda Moses

Leith Mullings

James Peacock

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