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AAA Podcast Series

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Podcast Library

AAA is excited to announce our new and exciting podcast series aimed at bringing you the latest topical news and insights from across the field of anthropology.  Our revamped podcast library is an effort to increase collaboration between our members and the field at large, and enhance the public’s general understanding of anthropology. In addition to AAA podcasts, we’ll also be featuring member-driven content starting with our first Podcast CollaboratorsA Story of Us and This Anthropological Life. Check back soon to see how our podcast library is growing - our goal is to turn this into your one stop shop for innovative, thought-provoking podcasts!


Crowdsourcing the human condition to inspire communication, foster wonder and generate empathy. 

Our mission is to show how complex our world truly is and how that’s mysterious and challenging, but always a beautiful thing. We expose injustices by revealing often hidden assumptions in everyday language, technology use, or body gestures. We are driven by the values of increasing social consciousness, empathy and promotion of diversity and honest inquiry. We promote these values in an inclusive, entertaining way through our podcast and publications.  

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Welcome to A Story of Us, a brand new podcast brought to you by the graduate students of Anthropology at The Ohio State University in partnership with the American Anthropological Association. 

A Story of Us Series 1 (Fall 2016) focuses on the theme of migration. In this series, we explore everything from the Syrian refugee crisis to early hominin movement out of Africa. Series 1 will include 10 episodes: 5 “content” episodes in which our hosts review key issues about a related topic and five “conversation” episodes in which two anthropologists talk to each other about those issues in greater detail. Each episode is less than a half hour long and accessible to anthropologists and non-anthropologists alike.


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