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List of Publications

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Publications of AAA

The AAA supports anthropological scholarship and the dissemination of anthropological knowledge through publishing journals, books, and DVDs which include:

  • AAA Books and Monographs (available for purchase through the AAA Online Store)
    • Decolonizing Anthropology: Moving Further toward an Anthropology for Liberation, 3rd Ed.
    • Honor and Shame and the Unity of the Mediterranean
    • Princes of the Earth: Subcultural Diversity in a Mexican Municipality 
    • Marriage and Mandatory Abortion among the 17th century Siraya 
    • Anthropology for Tomorrow: Creating Practitioner-Oriented Applied Anthropology Programs
    • Culture, Kin, and Cognition in Oceania: Essays in Honor of Ward H. Goodenough
    • At Work in Homes: Household Workers in World Perspective
    • Bitter Money: Cultural Economy & Some African Meanings of Forbidden Commodities 
    • The Politics of Time 
    • Moralizing States and the Ethnography of the Present
    • Finding a Moral Heart for US Immigration Policy
    • Feminism, Nationalism, and Militarism
    • Occasional Papers of the Association of Senior Anthropologists
    • From Labrador to Samoa: The Theory and Practice of E. B. Leacock
    • Gender and Race through Education and Political Activism
    • The Impoverishment of Women
    • Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, vol III
    • Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, vol IV
    • Beyond Boundaries (Selected Papers on Refugee Issues, vol V)
    • Diasporic Identity (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, vol VI)
    • Negotiating Power and Place (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, vol VII) 
    • Rethinking Refugee and Displacement (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, vol VIII)
    • Negotiating Transnationalism (Selected Papers on Refugees and Immigrants, vol IX)
    • Irrigation at High Altitudes: The Social Organization of Water Control Systems in the Andes
    • Health in the Andes
    • Migrants, Regional Identities and Latin American Cities 
  • AAA DVDs (available for purchase through the AAA Online Store)
    • Anthropology: Real People, Real Careers© 2006
    • Beyond Ethnography: Corporate and Design Anthropology© 2008
    • Anthropologists at Work: Careers Making a Difference

The AAA AnthroGuide is a directory of anthropology departments, programs, and people. A searchable version of the annually published print edition is also available online. The current edition of the AnthroGuide is available for purchase through the AAA Online Store or by Order Form

We produce 21 journals and newsletters through our publishing partner Wiley-Blackwell. Content from both our current titles, legacy titles, and some section-published titles may be accessed through our online platform AnthroSource. Members of the AAA receive free 24/7 online access to AnthroSource and may purchase a print subscription at cost to specific journals at the time they join or renew. To subscribe or order back issues of journals published by Wiley-Blackwell, please use specific links above.

Periodically, the AAA produced special publications. Some of these publications can be ordered from the AAA offices; for more information, please visit our list on AAA Books and Monographs which includes member and non-member prices. We also have described the history of our memoirs and special publications.

The AAA has produced four DVDs. Three DVDs ("Anthropology: Real People, Real Careers," "Beyond Ethnography: Corporate and Design Anthropology," and "Anthropologists at Work: Careers Making a Difference") are focused on the jobs and contributions of anthropologists. To order, please use specific link above. A fourth DVD is a educational dual disc of materials from our public education project "RACE: Are We So Different?".

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