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AAA 2020 Virtual Workshops

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In This Section

AAA 2020 Virtual Workshops

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What are Workshops?

Usually, workshops are hosted at the Annual Meeting, but not this year. Since we cancelled the Annual Meeting, we are setting aside a special set of dates and times for holding these workshops. This year, workshops will be hosted following Raising Our Voices, during the weeks of November 30th and December 7th. Only proposals submitted via the Workshop Application Google Form will be reviewed promptly, and if your workshop is selected, you will be notified by October 26thThe deadline to complete this form is Monday, October 19, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET

Workshops are offered in 2- or 4-hour time slots, but presenters can opt to use less than the full time allotted. Due to all workshops being conducted virtually, the acceptable length of workshops has been adjusted this year to accommodate an accessible virtual environment. Workshops can have up to 6 total participants maximum. Workshops can be submitted in up to 3 pre-determined tracks:

  1. Career & Professional Development
  2. Technical Skill Development
  3. Policy Outreach, Engagement, Advocacy

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  1. Call for AAA Workshop Proposals Opens
    • Friday, October 2nd
  2. Call for AAA Workshop Proposals Closes
    • Monday, October 19th at 11:59 PM ET
  3. Workshops Under Review
    • Week of October 19th
  4. Workshops Announced
    • Monday, October 26th
  5. Registration Opens
    • Monday, October 26th
  6. AAA Workshops Occur Online
    • Week 1: Monday, November 30th-Friday, December 4th
    • Week 2: Monday, December 7th-Friday, December 11th 

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Workshops can be sponsored and/or hosted by AAA sections. Section affiliation determines how workshops will be listed online, if applicable. Workshops can also be planned to not be affiliated with a section of AAA. Workshops planned outside of sections will be listed with workshops, but not housed under a specific section.

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Registration Fees

Workshop organizers can choose to present their workshops for free or charge a registration fee. Registration fees will then be paid out either to a AAA section/split between two AAA sections, or to the workshop organizer.

If registration fees are selected:

  1. Fees will be as follow:
    1. Quarter day/2-hour time slot
      • $10/$20 (student/professional)
    2. Half day/4-hour time slot
      • $20/$40 (student/professional) for a half day (4-hours).
  2. After final expenses, workshop organizers or affiliated sections will receive 90% revenue, and AAA will receive 10%.
    1. If the workshop is affiliated with a section, the section will receive the 90% revenue. Sections are responsible for paying out any honoraria to presenters.
      • If you wish to partner with another section, and if you indicate the workshop registration revenues should be paid to the affiliated section(s) you identify, the revenue will be divided evenly among both sections.
    2. If the workshop is not sponsored by a section, the organizer will receive 90% revenue, minus expenses.

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Workshops can include both organizers and facilitators.

Role Limits:

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In the application, we will request...

This information will be used during workshop submissions review and will be shared with potential registrants on our website, should your workshop be accepted.

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Track & Audience

Workshops can be submitted in up to 3 pre-determined tracks:

  1. Career & Professional Development
  2. Technical Skill Development
  3. Policy Outreach, Engagement, Advocacy

You will also be requested to identify the target audience for which this workshop is designed. This information will help us review and market your workshop.


All workshops will be after the Raising Our Voices Virtual Event Series concludes on November 14th. Workshops will be scheduled to take place the weeks of November 30th and December 7th.

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Submit Your Workshop!

Complete your application!

Deadline: Monday, October 19, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET

Please complete the application form in its entirety to apply to host a workshop this fall. 

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