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Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016
Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016

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NAPA/AAA Careers Expo

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Information about the 2019 Careers Expo, November 22, Vancouver, BC, including the complete lineup of presenters.
Information about the 2020 Careers Expo will be available later in 2020.

Each year since 2005 the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) and the AAA have sponsored the Careers Expo at the AAA Annual Meeting. The Expo provides an opportunity for students and new/emerging professional anthropologists to broaden their understanding of important and creative opportunities for using their anthropological skills.

The Expo showcases the creative ways that professional and practicing anthropologists use their skills to pursue new and emerging careers paths. The selection of professionals changes each year highlighting the vast array of professional careers open to anthropologists.

An oval word cloud in black and various shades of gray. The most prominent words include: Research, National, Office, Group, Associates, Development, Management, Museum, International, Center, Affairs, Institute, Foundation, Anthropology, Archaeology, Health, among many others.

In 2017 nearly 700 people attended the Expo including faculty looking for cutting-edge career opportunities to share with their students. More than 70 professional anthropologists met individually with attendees to discuss career paths and provide personal guidance. The Expo provides attendees with access to general mentoring tables as well as our “Campus to Careers” series featuring senior individuals who can provide practical advice on making the jump, and the NAPA-hosted instant mentoring table. The event also features a resume table where individuals receive instant feedback on strengthening their resume to move to the professional sector.

Here are some of the things that attendees have said are the best things about the experience:

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