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Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016
Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016

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Accessible Presentation Guideline Highlights

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In This Section

Accessible Live-Streamed Presentation Guideline Highlights

This page outlines quick highlights for how to create an accessible presentation. Many of the points link back to the more extensive Virtual Presentation Accessibility Guidelines for further instructions and guidance. 

Preparing for your Session

  1. Create and provide your slides and other presentation material for your live-streamed Raising Our Voices event by October 30, 2020.
  2. Use high contrast slides with minimal additional decoration.
    • Example: White text on a very dark background (if not black) or black text on a very light background (if not white).
  3. Select videos that include accurate captions.
    • Find videos with Audio Description as possible, and when not possible, provide a brief visual description of the video prior to sharing.
  4. Write down visual descriptions in advance.
    • Of yourself.
    • Of all visuals in your slides.
  5. Upload digital access copies to the event portal.

During your Session

  1. Lead contributing participant completes an accessible introduction at the beginning of the event.
    • This includes a visual description.
  2. Individuals complete an accessible introduction when they first speak.
    • This includes a visual description.
  3. During discussion, announce your name before speaking.
  4. Read aloud questions from the chat and/or Q&A.
  5. When speaking, slow down!
  6. Explain jargon and acronyms.

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