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Accessible Virtual Meetings

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In This Section

Hosting Accessible Virtual Meetings

Will you be hosting a TalkBack session during Raising Our Voices? Or is your section planning a special event, such as a board meeting, business meeting, committee meeting, or awards or in-memoriam event? This page provides virtual meeting accessibility guidelines, which should be reviewed closely prior to your session or event and followed during your Zoom or Google Meet call. This information is provided to support collective access for disabled participants, participants with disabilities, and participants with access needs, and should be disseminated to all possible participants prior to your event.

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Virtual Meeting Accessible Participation Instructions

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Special Events Suggestions & Reminders

Event Attendees Access Needs and/or Accommodation Requests

Each special event should include a way for possible attendees to indicate access needs and/or accommodation requests. This information should be reviewed frequently and requests should be fulfilled by the section. 

  1. Identify one person who will keep track of this information and follow up with individuals who indicate they have access needs and/or accommodation requests.
  2. Clearly indicate how individuals with access needs and/or accommodation requests may contact the selected person.
  3. If registration is required for your event, include the following field or similar language in your form:

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CART Captioning

We encourage all sections to automatically provide CART captioning for their special events. AAA works with The Kyle Duarte Company, which has been vetted for high quality captioning of anthropological academic content. If your section is interested in coordinating services, please contact the Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator at Note that if your special event receives a CART request, that must be honored.

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ASL Interpreting

If you receive an ASL request, please contact the Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator at We will connect you with The Kyle Duarte Company, which has been vetted for high quality interpretation of anthropological academic content.

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Supplemental Digital Documents

If you plan to provide digital documents during your meetings, such as slide shows, programs, agendas, and so on, please review our accessible document tips pages:

  1. Accessible PowerPoint Tips
  2. Accessible Word Tips
  3. Accessible PDF Tips

Learn More about Virtual Accessible Meetings and Events

Check out Rooted in Rights' article on "How to Make Your Virtual Meetings and Events Accessible to the Disability Community".

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