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Non-Tenure Track Employment in Anthropology

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In This Section
Online Community

The AAA Working Group on Non-Tenure Track Employment in Anthropology is pleased to welcome new participants to an online community that is forming to address issues of precarious faculty employment in anthropology. Community members include contingent adjunct faculty in departments of anthropology as well as anthropologists with precarious appointments in any department, regardless of AAA membership status. The American Anthropological Association is sponsoring this initiative in order to provide a platform for contingent faculty to share experiences, strategies, and practices with one another. Representatives of AAA staff and leadership will also be present, hoping to learn about the issues you face and to find ways to better support anthropologists in precarious employment situations.

If you are interested in joining this community, we ask you to complete a brief online form. Once we have received your response, we will be in touch with next steps to subscribe.

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Working Group Members and Advisors

The AAA Working Group on Non-Tenure Track Faculty Employment in Anthropology includes:

Alex Barker

Alex Barker
Director, Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri

Alex is a museum anthropologist and archaeologist, and serves as director of both the Museum of Art and Archaeology and of the Museum of Anthropology at the University of Missouri. He has a PhD in anthropological archaeology from Michigan, and his work focuses on the rise of social complexity, iconography, and issues of cultural property and ethics. He is incoming president of AAA.

Rayna Rapp

Rayna Rapp
Professor, Department of Anthropology, New York University

Rayna Rapp teaches anthropology at NYU; her scholarship has focused on gender, the politics of reproduction, and disability studies.  She has served on the Executive Board of the AAA and chaired its Committee on Labor Relations.

Lavanya Murali Proctor

Lavanya Murali Proctor
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Lawrence University

Lavanya Murali Proctor is a linguistic anthropologist at Lawrence University. She has a PhD from the University of Iowa, and worked in non-tenure track positions for some years after graduate school before starting in her current job. She is a member of the Committee on Labor Relations and the appointed labor seat on the AAA’s MPAAC (2017–2019).

Daniel Ginsberg

Daniel Ginsberg
Manager of Education, Research and Professional Development, AAA

Daniel's role at the AAA involves conducting research on the profession of anthropology to support the Association's education and professional development offerings. He has a PhD in linguistics from Georgetown University, and professional experience as a public high school teacher, where he was active in his faculty union, and as a visiting lecturer at the University of Kragujevac, Serbia.

Samantha Gottlieb

Samantha D. Gottlieb
Independent Researcher and Consultant

Samantha is a medical anthropologist who has worked in the private, non-profit, and academic sectors. She has a PhD in anthropology and a master's in health science from Johns Hopkins University. She has been a lecturer at California State University, East Bay, a Visiting Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently conducting research funded by a National Science Foundation Independent Scholar grant.

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