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AAA 2016

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Guidelines for Poster Presenters

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In This Section

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Please see our PDF Creating Anthropology Conference Posters: A Guide for Beginners By Jason E. Miller, MA and John K. Trainor, MS (University of South Florida)

It is AAA's desire to make all meetings accessible to the widest range of people possible. Please pay special attention to members of the audience with disabilities.

While at your poster sessions be sure to keep push pins off the floor as they can puncture wheelchair and scooter tires.

Attendees with Visual Impairment

Offer to describe your poster or bring a CD of your work for attendees with low vision.

Below are guidelines for presenting a poster to attendees with low vision:

Font Size

Sizes may vary depending on the viewing distance and amount of text to be included.

Font Type

Typefaces are often described as being serif or sans serif (without serifs). Use sans-serif (non-serif) fonts. Serif fonts can be more difficult to read, particularly the more decorative, handwritten and italicized fonts.

Font Color

Line spacing

Images and Graphics

Organizing Information


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