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Accessibility & Inclusion

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In This Section
American Anthropological Association

Accessibility Policy

The American Anthropological Association is committed to ensuring it is inclusive, accessible and exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements at the Annual Meeting. AAA will make arrangements for sign-language interpreters, sighted guides, and other disability-related access needs and services for meeting registrants.

We cannot anticipate all needs, as everyone is different; therefore, we rely on direct communication with those who require accessibility assistance to be as appropriate and as efficient as possible.

Request Procedure

Attendee Information

Food Allergies                                                                 

There are no formal meals included in the Annual Meeting program. The AAA Welcome Reception will be held on Wednesday, November 20 and will feature light appetizers and a cash bar. Several AAA Sections, Affiliates, and Universities typically host receptions in the evening that may or may not be open to attendees. AAA's goal is to have a varied menu to appeal to the majority of attendee's dietary needs in the events that are hosted by the association.

Quiet Room                                                        

A quiet room will be available at the convention center. Quiet rooms are intended to provide a quiet, calm space where conference attendees can spend time away from noise, lights, and other stimuli of conference spaces. The quiet room is not available for conversations or meetings. 

CART – Captioning

Computer Assisted Real-time Transcription (CART) will be available at all plenary sessions (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evenings).

Accessible Presentations

The Society for Medical Anthropology's Disability Research Interest Group has prepared a set of guidelines for creating accessible presentations. Read the full set of guidelines here.


Environmental/Chemical Sensitivities

To help make this event accessible to participants for whom synthetic fragrances or other chemical odors are irritating or pose reproductive dangers, AAA requests that you attend Annual Meeting sessions and events free of perfume, cologne, body sprays, and other heavily scented personal care products. Cigarette smoke also remains an access barrier for many. The law requires we maintain a smoke-free environment indoors. If you wish to smoke, please use the venues’ designated outdoor smoking areas and refrain from smoking near any other doorways or paths of travel.
Read one member's firsthand perspective on how going fragrance-free at the Annual Meeting will help everyone breathe easier and concentrate better.>>


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