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Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016
Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016

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Session Roles

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In This Section

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Individual Participation Limits

*Major Roles

**Secondary Roles

***Minor Roles

Session Organizer***

Logistically responsible for submitting pre-formed panels

Chair/Roundtable Introducer***

Supervise actual sessions


Oral Presentation/Installation/Flash Presenter* 

Actual presenter of the session


Oral Presentation Discussant**


Roundtable Presenter*

 Roundtables are meant to embody the spirit of a roundtable discussion: a group of up to 7 informed panelists will share ideas on a single topic.


Roundtable Discussant**

Roundtable discussants/introducers are moderators of a facilitated panel of presenters.


Gallery/Poster Presenter*



A co-author is any individual who helped you work on the abstract or someone that you would like to recognize in creation of your submission. A co-author is an "in name only" role in which they are not presenting in any capacity in that specific session. Because it is a non-presenting role, they are not held to the same registration or membership requirements as presenters or session participants (organizers, chairs, discussants, etc.). Co-authors are listed in the final program with the corresponding abstract, but they are not identified as presenters or listed in the indices of the final printed program.

Any session type that allows for individual abstracts (oral presentation, individually volunteered paper, group gallery session, individual gallery session, or group flash presentations) may include co-authors.



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