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In This Section

2017 Annual Meeting Executive Sessions

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In This Section

2017 Annual Meeting Executive Sessions

Executive Sessions are selected and sponsored directly by the AAA Executive Program Committee (EPC). These sessions speak directly to 2017's Annual Meeting theme, Anthropology Matters!, and will be showcased throughout the Annual Meeting this November in Washington, DC. (Register to attend here.)

The EPC identified three key themes and seven topical clusters for the 2017 Executive Sessions:

Three Key themes for 2017:       



Seven Topical Clusters:                   



Political & Environmental (in)Justice

Immigration, Borders & Resistance

Dissent in the Post-Truth Era: Latinx Communities Organize and Resist  

Anthropology in a world of changing border materialities

Detained on Trumped-Up Charges: Migrants and the Ascendant U.S. Security-State

Engaged Anthropology with Undocumented and Immigrant Students in the Trump Era 

The Political Landscape

Reimagining Political Horizons

Gender Matters: The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election      

The Politics of Affect: Anthropological Perspectives on the Rise of the Far Right and Rightwing Populism in Europe and the USA -  What’s culture got to do with it?

Anthropology in the Anthropocene

Anthropocene Landscapes, Infrastructures and Futures

How Anthropology Matters in the Anthropocene: Understanding the Cultures and Politics of Climate Change Denial               

Biologies and BioPolitics

Beyond the African Burial Ground: Anthropological and trans-disciplinary innovations in theory, methods, and technologies

Crossing the Divide: Biocultural and Biosocial Approaches to Anthropology

Biological Anthropology and the Public  

Anthropological Knowledge Creation/Dissemination

Media and Representation

Drawing Culture, or Ethnography as a Graphic Art: The making of Lissa   

Biological Anthropology and the Public  

Looking Ahead: University Anthropology Museums Matter

Why does Anthropology matter when engaging publics in the recognition of Indigenous rights?               


Why Anthropology Matters: Making Anthropology Relevant and Engaging a Larger Public Audience through Pedagogy


Short-Term Global Health Travel: Good Intentions, Murky Ethics, and How Anthropology Matters           

Examining Anthropology

How Business Anthropology Makes Anthropology Matter More               

Do Black and Brown Lives Matter to Anthropology?: Race, Bodies, and Context 

Why does Anthropology matter when engaging publics in the recognition of Indigenous rights?               

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