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AAA 2016
AAA 2016

In This Section

Executive Session Proposal Submission Types

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In This Section

The submission portal will accept Executive Session proposal submissions from January 23 through February 7 at 3 pm Eastern. 
Accept/decline notifications will be sent the week of March 4 (via email).

Executive Session submissions are directly related to the Annual Meeting's theme. A limited number of Executive Session submission will be accepted, and selection is highly competitive. The submission portal will open on Wednesday, January 23 and will close at 3 pm EDT on Thursday, February 7. Accept/decline notifications will be sent to submitters the week of March 4 (via email).

On this page:
Submission Criteria
Review Criteria
Submission Formats
Submission Options for Groups of Two or More
Submission Options for Individuals
Submission Portal
2019 Executive Program Committee


Submission Criteria
Abstracts are eligible for "Executive Session" review and consideration if:

Review Criteria
Executive Sessions are reviewed and selected directly by the 2019 Executive Program Committee (EPC). Sessions awarded the "Executive Status" designation will be showcased throughout the Annual Meeting and selection is highly competitive. To conduct the review, the committee will use the following questions:

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least favorable and 5 being the most favorable,

Eligibility and FAQs
All participants must be AAA members and meeting registrants in order to present at the Annual Meeting. Registration and membership are NOT required at the time of proposal submission. 



Proposal Categories/Submission Formats
There are three formats for Executive Sessions submissions: Oral Presentation, Roundtable, and Group Flash Presentations. If you are submitting as a group of four to seven people, you may choose any of these formats. If you wish to submit as an individual, there are no options for individual submissions during the Executive Session period. Please wait until the main call for papers opens on Feb. 13 to view available submission options for individual submitters.

Submission Options for Groups of Four or More

Oral Presentation Session
>> A lecture-based panel WITH seven (7), 15-minute timeslots for paper presentations and/or moderated discussion. Submissions must be submitted as fully formed panels.

** Oral Presentation Session note: There are only seven (7), 15-minute timeslots designated for Oral Presentation sessions. Organizers and chairs do not have timed roles, and therefore do not count toward the timeslot limit. Discussant and paper presenter roles are timed, so you cannot exceed seven (7) total discussants or paper presenters for this session type.


>> A discussion-based panel WITHOUT papers or timed 15-minute presentations. Submissions must be submitted as fully formed panels.

Group Flash Presentation Session
>> A rapid-fire, engaging performance of dynamic spoken content delivered with a punch. Includes 10-15 presenters and discussants with a speedy five (5) minutes and 20 slides per presenter.

View sample flash presentations. >> 
If your session doesn’t match this format, please revisit the oral or roundtable options.


Enter the submission portal. >>
Deadline:  3:00 pm Eastern on Thursday, February 7.
The portal will not accept new submissions after this time. 
Submitters with active submissions will have until 3:00 pm Eastern to finalize and submit.


Submission Options for Individuals

There are no options for individual submissions during the Executive Session period. Please wait until the main call for papers opens on Feb. 13 to view available submission options for individual submitters.


2019 Executive Program Committee

The Executive Program Committee (EPC), selected and chaired by the Annual Meeting Program Chair, works with the Chair and AAA President to set the annual meeting theme. Committee members represent the sub-fields, interests, and practices of sociocultural, linguistic, biological anthropology, and archaeology, as well as other member constituencies. The Chair of the Executive Program Committee is appointed by the AAA President and is responsible for ensuring that the annual meeting is open to and welcoming of all member constituencies, showcases the general relevance of anthropology to the understanding of the human condition, and promotes anthropology’s relevance to contemporary ethical, social, cultural, and policy issues. The EPC is responsible for peer reviewing all Executive Session submissions

The American Anthropological Association thanks the 2019 Executive Program Committee for the volunteering of their time, expertise, and review of the Annual Meeting program.

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