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Annual Meeting Peer Review Process

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In This Section

Have you ever wondered what happens to your submitted scholarly session proposal after the submission deadline; how the final Annual Meeting Program is determined; or how the peer review process is conducted? Keep reading to find out!

When is the 2018 scholarly session peer review period?
The peer review period will be held from Tuesday, April 24 through Monday, June 4.

Who is responsible for conducting the peer review?
Representatives from each section, known as the Section Program Chairs, conduct the peer review of proposal submissions directed to their respective section. The American Anthropological Association thanks the 2018 Program Chairs who will enhance the AAA Annual Meeting through the volunteering of their time.

Do all session types undergo peer review?
No. Below are the various submission/session types that undergo section peer review:

Demystifying the Annual Meeting Peer Review Process
The review phase of the 2018 AAA Call for Papers will occur from Tuesday, April 24 through Monday, June 4. The review process consists of three (3) review “rounds,” all of which are detailed below.

After all three of the review rounds have been completed, the decisions from all three rounds are compiled by the AAA Meetings Department in preparation for the scheduling phase.

AAA staff do not review or evaluate section submissions, or participate in the section’s peer review process. Once the review period concludes, the top 50% of scores from within each section are given an A-grade; the next 30% of top-scoring proposals are given a B-grade; and the bottom 20% are given a C-grade.

In June, the Executive Program Committee Chair and Chair Elect will visit the AAA office to populate the Annual Meeting program in the following order, until the program is full –

>> 2018 Executive Program Committee Chair – Jason De Leon |

Accept/decline notifications are sent to all submitters the week of July 16, and a preliminary Annual Meeting program will be released in mid-August.

AAA does not collect or release reviewer comments. AAA encourages interested individuals to contact the 2018 Section Program Chairs directly with questions regarding the reviewing of their submission(s).

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