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AAA Annual Meeting Student Volunteer Roles

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Graphic promoting the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting. Text reads, CALL FOR PAPERS, Deadline Friday, May 21, 2021, 3 PM Eastern time. The words, Truth and Responsibility, are placed within a minimalistic design of pencil with various symbol outlines drawn on the pencil tip. At the bottom, text reads,

In This Section

Please check back in August for 2020 Student Volunteer Roles!

The below information is from the 2019 AAA/CASCA Meeting in Vancouver, BC.

 The 2019 AAA Annual Meeting Logo. Text: Changing Climates; November 20-24, 2019, Vancouver; Changer D’air. Three circles of blue fans, red lines in alternating triangles, and yellow alternating circles surround the text.

This page provides more detail about some of the tasks and responsibilities of each possible volunteer role. The descriptions below are not exhaustive, and therefore, you may be assigned additional tasks based on the needs of your station. Please be aware that all volunteer roles require interaction with other meeting attendees.

Further instructions will be provided to volunteers at each station. Importantly, additional roles may become needed during the meeting that are currently unlisted.

For any additional questions you have regarding the 2019 AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting Student Volunteer Program, please do not hesitate to email Nell, AAA Accessibility & Meetings Coordinator.

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Roles on Multiple Days

Role: AAA Association Booth Assistant * 

This role will be stationed in the exhibit hall at the AAA Association Booth. Volunteer will be assisting Association Staff with driving traffic to the Association Booth and showcasing the various different offerings that AAA has on display.

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Role: NAPA/AAA Career Expo Support 

This role will be stationed on the exhibit hall show floor to assist Career Expo Organizer with checking in individuals and directing them to the appropriate table top booth. NAPA/AAA Career Expo is NOT an interview session; please inform any attendees who may ask that Career Expo is primarily an informational session on the available positions in the practicing and applied fields of anthropology.

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Role: Check-in/Registration Desk Support

This role will welcome and register meeting attendees and distribute meeting collateral (including the printed program) to attendees who redeem a program ticket/purchase a standard registration. Volunteers will act as runners as necessary to post information, pass messages or gather necessary materials for the smooth operation of the Check-in/Registration desk. This role will support AAA and CASCA members as well as non-member attendees.

Role: Press Room Assistant

This role will be stationed in the Press Room as the first point of entry for any individuals who may or may not be with the press/media. Volunteers are responsible for contacting AAA Communications Staff if a member of the media arrives in the press room, handing out relevant materials, and answering logistical questions from attendees.

Wednesday Roles

Role: Opening Ceremony, Keynote Address, & Indigenous Welcome Host

This role will meet Indigenous host and escort them to podium, maintain control of host’s personal items while host is addressing the assembly, and otherwise make host welcome.

Thursday Roles

Role: AAA Business Meeting Assistant

This role will act to stop attendees WITHOUT a badge from entering the ballroom. Staff need additional assistance to ensure anyone from entering without a badge. Volunteers will also hand out voting cards to attendees with the correct color badge lanyard.

Role: CASCA Women’s Network Wine & Cheese Reception Support § †

Volunteers will assist with check-in of attendees for this ticketed event and help attendees store coats and bags. This event takes place at SFU’s Harbour Centre. Individuals filling these positions will provide directions to attendees returning the Convention Centre for the Weaver-Tremblay Lecture.

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Role: CASCA Women’s Network Reception Guide § ¶

Volunteers will direct attendees from Convention Centre to reception site at Harbour Centre by distributing maps and pointing attendees in the correct direction for the 8-minute walk to Harbour Centre. Individuals filling these positions may walk over with attendees and then assist with coat check and event wrap up.

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Role: CASCA Weaver-Tremblay Award and Address Guide § †

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Volunteers will help direct attendees to the correct room and greet attendees upon entrance to the address. All volunteers are welcome to stay for the award and address and then be available to direct attendees to Sai Woo Restaurant for the Weaver-Tremblay Reception.

Role: CASCA Weaver-Tremblay Reception & CASCA Banquet Support § †

This role will assist with check-in of attendees for the ticketed dinner. These events take place at Sai Woo Restaurant on Pender St in Chinatown.

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Friday Roles

Role: CASCA Business Meeting Assistant

Volunteers will direct CASCA members to the room, welcome them and hand out voting materials to members.

Saturday Roles

Role: Membership & Marketing Engagement ¶

This role requires an outgoing personality to assist staff from Membership with social media, interviewing, and other promotional purposes.

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