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Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016
Melissa Harris Perry at AAA 2016

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Vancouver Destinations

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Visit Vancouver

Vancouver, the destination city for the 2019 AAA/CASCA Annual Meeting, is an amazing city with an incredibly diverse culture and strong civic pride. Check out the Tourism Vancouver website for a complete list of restaurants, activities, and other useful things to know before you arrive in Vancouver. The Washington Post's "A Local's Guide to Vancouver" is another great place to find recommendations. 


Two important things to note (from the Washington Post article):

  1. "Although many places accept US dollars, we do have our own currency in Canada — one that doesn’t include pennies. Your total gets rounded to the nearest nickel if you’re paying cash (and stays as-is if you’re using plastic)." And as an added FYI, the AAA will NOT be accepting cash payments for registrations, memberships, merchandise, or donations this year. 

  2. "Vancouver doesn’t have ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft. We do have Car2Go (if you’re a member in your city, you can access the Vancouver network) and Mobi, a bike-sharing service."


Show Your Badge

AAA/CASCA Meeting attendees can use their Annual Meeting badges to receive special discounts at a variety of different local attractions. 

Enjoy 20 percent off a craft beer or wine tour, receive 10 percent off the admission fee to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, take advantage of a two for one deal on bicycle or scooter rentals, or visit the Museum of Anthropology for a discounted rate. Click here to see the full list of opportunities to take advantage of while we're in Vancouver. 

AAA/CASCA attendees can also view a Cirque du Soleil show at Luzia Vancouver and get a $20 discount for your ticket (not applicable on Saturday, prices listed at this link already reflect the $20 discount)!

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