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AAA General Call for Papers Deadline

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May 15, 2020

General Call for Papers

After reviewing the General CFP page, enter the submission portal.
Deadline to begin a submission: 3:00 pm Eastern on Friday, May 15.
Deadline to submit a submission: 3:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday, May 20

Submissions must be started prior to 3:00 pm Eastern on Friday, May 15 to be considered. The portal will not accept new submissions after this time
Submitters with active submissions will have until 3:00 pm Eastern (Wednesday, May 20) to finalize and submit.

The General Call for Papers is where the majority of Annual Meeting programming comes from. The Peer Review Process...

  1. determines the relevance of all submitted proposals (whether individual or group submissions),
  2. designates invited and cosponsored sessions from group submissions,
  3. builds sessions from individually volunteered papers, and
  4. evaluates those newly-created sessions.

Submission Options

There are 3 proposal types to submit as an individual, and 9 proposal types to submit with a group.

Individual Proposal Submission Types

  1. Individually Volunteered Paper
  2. Individual Gallery (Poster)
  3. Installation

Group Proposal Submission Types

  1. Oral Presentation Session
  2. Retrospective Oral Presentation Session
  3. Roundtable
  4. Retrospective Roundtable
  5. Group Flash Presentation Session
  6. Group Gallery Session (Curated Poster Session)
  7. Workshop
  8. Mentoring Event
  9. Installation


Week Day Date Time Event
Wednesday February 12 12 pm ET Submission Portal Opens
(one week after close of Executive Session portal)
Friday May 15 3 pm ET Deadline to Start a Submission
Wednesday  May 20 3 pm ET Proposal Submission Deadline
during the week of August 28 n/a Accept/Decline Notices Sent

Meeting registration and AAA membership is NOT required for all participants at the time of submission. 
Participants who are accepted onto the program (announced in late-summer) will be required to register for the meeting and join/renew their membership with the AAA. 

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