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Late-Breaking Session Proposal Submission Deadline

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September 9, 2020

The Late Breaking Sessions Submission Period is currently closed for the 2020 AAA Annual Meeting.

Late-breaking submissions are topical, timely, and relevant to current events. A limited number of late-breaking sessions will be accepted, and the number of slots for Oral Presentation Sessions and Roundtables is dependent upon the Annual Meeting venue's spatial availability.

Submission Options

There is 1 proposal type to submit as an individual, and 2 proposal types to submit with a group

Individual Proposal Submission Types

  1. Individual Gallery (Poster)

Group Proposal Submission Types

  1. Oral Presentation Session
  2. Roundtable


Week Day Date Time Event
Wednesday August 12 12 pm ET Special Events Portal Opens
(second Wednesday of August)
Wednesday  September 9 3 pm ET Submission Deadline
during the week of October 9 n/a Accept/Decline Notices Sent
Monday October 26 3 pm ET Registration Deadline for Accepted Late-Breaking Proposals


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