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Dossier Religions: their images, performances and rituals | Deadline for submissions

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April 30, 2021

Instigated by the intelligible and sensorial relig

Contact:, +555130913045

GIS, Gesture, Image and Sound is an Anthropology Journal published by the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It encompasses fields of visual anthropology, music and sound, performance, theater and art. In 2021, GIS is editing a dossier about Religions, which will be published in GIS's 7th issue.

The Journal is an ongoing basis publication and there are no processing charges to submit and publish on GIS. The journal is responsible for receiving, peer review and editorial processing of the materials without generating costs for authors.

*Call for papers | Dossier Religions*

Instigated by the intelligible and sensorial religious knowledge of traditional religions and the diverse forms of spiritual belonging that escape formal religious structure, but connect human beings with what they consider to be sacred, we seek in this dossier to make a map of the representations that permeate their images, their performances that bring to light sacred rituals and sense of belonging. Expressive forms acquire different nuances in religious spaces, in view of certain restrictions, meaning that researchers must resort to different aesthetic and research strategies in composing their imagetic and performatic universe. The symbolic universe of religious rituals, the digressions between religion and politics, the expressions of decoloniality, the body given over to devotion and other analyses involving discussions about sensorial expressions in images, performances, poetry etc., are welcome.

Deadline for Dossier: April, 30th, 2021.

Submissions and guidelines for authors:

Besides the dossier, GIS receives submissions of articles, essays, interviews, reviews, and translations in an ongoing basis. The Journal is interested in works that dialogue with the fields of visual anthropology, music, and sound, performance, theater, and art. This year GIS adopted the continuous publication format, publishing works individually after their approval.

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