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Franz Boas Award Previous Winners

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2018 Awardee Katherine E. Browne

Previous Awardees
2017 Donald Brenneis
2016 Richard Bauman
2015 Yolanda T. Moses
2014 Michael Silverstein
2013 Louise Lamphere
2012 Sidney Mintz
2010 Ralph Bolton
2009 Jane Hill
2008 George Armelagos
2006 Richard Ford, Nancy O. Lurie
2005 Regna Darnell
2004 Elliott Skinner
2003 H. Russell Bernard
2002 Jim Peacock
2001 Arthur Kleinman
1999 Sydel F. Silverman
1998 George W. Stocking, Jr.
1997 Annette Weiner
1996 Barbara E. Harrell-Bond, Patty Jo Watson
1995 June Nash
1994 Benjamin D. Paul, Walter Goldschmidt
1993 Claude Lévi-Strauss
1992 Douglas Schwartz, Charles Leslie
1991 Beatrice Medicine, Clyde C. Snow
1990 Fred Eggan, Priscilla Reining
1989 Paul T. Baker, John W. Bennett
1988 David H. French, David and Pia Maybury-Lewis
1987 Harold E. Driver, Mary Green Seymour
1986 J. Lawrence Angel, Frederica de Laguna, Ward H. Goodenough
1985 David P. Boynton, Katherine Dunham, Helen Fisher, Pearl E. Primus
1984 Ashley Montagu, Philleo Nash, B. Irving Rouse, Thomas A. Sebeok
1983 William N. Fenton, Charles and Florence Voegelin
1982 Sherwood L. Washburn, John and Beatrice Whiting
1980 George M. Foster, Raymond H. Thompson
1979 John O. Brew, Frederick Johnson, Philip Sapir, Edward H. Spicer
1978 William W. Howells, Nathalie F. S. Woodbury
1977 Bela Maday, Sol Tax
1976 Margaret Mead, Lita Osmundsen

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