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In This Section

AIME Previous Awardees

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In This Section

2021 Awardee

Dr. Tanya Luhrmann

Previous Awardees

2020 Dr. Hugh Gusterson

2019 Sindre Bangstad

2018 Gina Athena Ulysse

2017 Maria Vesperi

2016 Mark Schuller

2015 Paul Stoller

2014 Tara Waters Lumpkin

2013 Kathy Reichs

2012 Ann Gibbons

2011 Helen Fisher

2010 Roy Richard Grinker

2009 John Noble Wilford

2008 James McKenna

2006 Eugenie Scott

2005 Meredith F. Small

2004 Melvin J Konner

2002 John R Rickford

1999 Donald C Johanson

1997 Edward T Hall

1996 Micaela di Leonardo

1995 Alan Lomax

1994 Katherine S. Newman

1993 Jonathan Benthall

1992 Jean Rouch, Jack Weatherford

1991 Ursula Le Guin

1990 Tony Hillerman

1989 Jane Goodall

1987 Stephen Jay Gould

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