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Connect with AAA
Connect with AAA

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Gift Memberships

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In This Section

Gift Membership


As a way to share the AAA community resources with your students, friends, and loved ones, we offer several types of gift memberships for K-12 students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals.

Gift membership recipients receive all the benefits of a AAA member and a complimentary membership in either the National Association of Student Anthropologist (for k-12 and undergraduates) or the General Anthropology Division (for graduate students and professionals).



Exclusively for outstanding K-12 students.

 FREE | Give the Gift


 $19 | Give the Gift


Option 1

For faculty (Non-DSP Partners), family, and friends. 

$29 - 39 | Give the Gift


Option 2

For active DSP Partners & recent MA, MS, and PhD students at active DSP Partner institutions

New & Recent Graduate Program


$49 | Give the Gift


How to Apply for a Gift Membership


What does the recipient receive?



The deadline is December 13th. Any application received after December 13th will not be processed until January. 





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