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A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.
A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.

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Anthropology in Media Award (AIME)

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In This Section

The Anthropology in Media Award (AIME) was established in 1987 to recognize the successful communication of anthropology to the general public through the media. There are no eligibility restrictions, and the award is given annually. View the list of previous AIME awardees here. The awardee is recommended by the Awards Committee and chosen by the AAA Executive Board at its spring meeting.

The awardee is given a certificate at the AAA Annual Meeting.

Call for AIME Nominations

Established in 1987, the AIME recognizes successful communication of anthropology to the general public through the media. It seeks to honor those who have raised public awareness of anthropology and have had a broad and sustained public impact at local, national, and international levels. The AIME Award is designed to increase awareness of the significant contributions anthropologists have made and will make to society and recognize those who have successfully done so. By allowing the general public access to the study and profession of anthropology we facilitate contribution to and understanding of the field of anthropology itself. Please take this opportunity to offer a recommendation of someone whom you feel is deserving of this award.

Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of AAA Award Nomination Materials

Each nomination packet should include a letter of recommendation in support of the nominee. The letter should provide a summary of the nominee's accomplishments, and it should demonstrate (not merely assert) the nominee's qualifications. The packet should include supporting materials, which should not be expected to stand on their own. In other words, these materials should support the case being made in the nomination letter, demonstrating its assertions. The nomination packet should not exceed 25 pages. Please note that nominees are considered for three years. Those not chosen in the first year will be considered for two more years. If desired, nomination packets can be updated by March 1 each year, or nominations can be withdrawn from consideration.

The nominee's accomplishments should be contextualized and put into perspective. Depending upon the award in question, one may want to address the following types of questions:

Please visit our site after the new year for detailed information on our new awards submission process.

Previous Winners

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