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Greening Your Membership

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In This Section

Greening Your Membership

AAA encourages the use of environmentally friendly options for getting the most out your membership. Make your membership as green as possible.

Go Green Bulb



Voting & Surveys
We also offer electronic voting and surveys, instead of mailing paper ballots and questionnaires.

Our AnthroGuide is still available for purchase in print, but is also available online.

Annual Meeting
We've created a digital itinerary planner for the Annual Meeting and an app, in lieu of a printed insert.
Of course our biggest event of the year —the Annual Meeting—has the most potential for all of us to show eco-friendly behavior. Meeting attendees can save $5 on registration and elect to use the app in lieu of a print program. The Anthropology and the Environment Section developed guidelines, called "Greening the Meeting," to help meeting participants reduce their carbon footprint. Their suggestions include individual choices to be made about transportation, use of standard hotel services, and communications.

AAA Governance
AAA's governance is going green, too. AAA staff provides nominations materials, board books, and voting all paper-free and online.

AAA Office
To be eco-friendly, AAA staff works in environmentally conscious ways both in daily office work and in serving our members. In our office, staff goes to extra efforts to conserve energy. Our lights are on remote sensors and turn off automatically. Staff volunteers take recycling out for items not already recycled through our building's property management. The association utilizes a landfill-free electronics recycler for equipment and furniture that has reached its useful life. We've also donated items we no longer use to a local youth club.

Through all of these efforts AAA staff remains committed to guiding the association towards greater environmental stewardship.

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