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A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.
A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.

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Listserv Etiquette

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In This Section

Rules of the Road: "Netiquette"

Thousands of individuals participate in the AAA discussion lists. These "rules of the road" are intended to ensure that all participants have an enjoyable and valuable experience. These basic rules will be enforced by the discussion list moderators and AAA leadership and staff.

  1. Avoid advertisements and solicitations
    Without permission from AAA, subscribers may not post advertisements or solicitations of any kind on the discussion lists. Subscribers who post ads or solicitations without authorization from the list moderators will be removed from the list. Subscribers wishing to obtain such permission should send an email to
  2. Do not use subscribers' email addresses for any other purpose
    No one is allowed to collect or use the addresses of list subscribers for the purposes of unsolicited email marketing or self-promotion. Once notified of such activity, AAA will permanently remove the offending party from the lists.
  3. Include identification of the poster (including email address)
    Identify yourself and your organization in the messages you post to the lists. An email "signature" is the most convenient way to do this. However, signatures and other automatically inserted text must be kept short and must comply with all list guidelines. Please include your email address in your signature. If you do not include your email, you will not be able to receive private (off-list) replies because a "reply" to a message goes to the entire list.
  4. Avoid viruses in attachments
    The lists are set up to distribute small attachments at the list manager's discretion. Subscribers should be aware that AAA cannot guarantee that attached documents are virus-free. Subscribers participate in the discussion lists at their own risk. If you are sending an attachment, please put "Attachment" in the subject line.
  5. Follow copyright law
    Subscribers should not submit copyrighted material unless the copyright owner of the material has expressly granted advance written consent to such submission.
  6. Respect the lists and other list subscribers
    AAA discussion lists are forums for respectful, professional discussion, and subscribers are expected to exercise good judgment in posting. No personal attacks or "flames" are allowed. Similarly, messages posted to the lists must not contain any content that could reasonably be considered abusive, profane, or obscene. Political statements should not be posted. Subscribers who engage in unacceptable conduct will be removed from the lists.
  7. Avoid "me too" and "thank you" messages
    By design, messages are sent to the entire list. When you see a message asking for information about a particular subject that you are interested in, avoid posting a message asking for a copy of the information. Also, if you post a question and get a response, avoid posting a "thank you" note to the whole list. Feel free to send a private thank you, if you'd like, but our subscribers don't need to be thanked on-list for helping you.
  8. Avoid personal messages and private discussions
    The lists are not for personal messages or private discussions. If you are seeking information for personal use, such as asking someone to send you a document or other item, please send a personal message directly to the poster, not to the list. Job postings and announcements should be posted to the AAA Career Center.
  9. Stay on topic
    All posts should be relevant to the scope of the listserve.
  10. Use a good subject line
    When posting a message to the list, pick a Subject line text that concisely describes the topic of your message. If you are replying to a message in a digest email, change the subject line to "Re:" and then the actual subject of your message. You should also change the subject of your message when the topic of a discussion thread has changed significantly.
  11. Quote smartly
    Quoting previous messages can help provide context to your reply. However, this makes the messages longer and can make the lists run slower, so delete previous messages in the thread if they are no longer relevant to the discussion. If you are replying to a message in a digest email, please remove all other messages from your reply. Remember to remove the footers that many email programs automatically append to outgoing messages, which can add greatly to the length of messages.
  12. Use the words "out of office" or "out of the office" in your out-of-office message
    The new discussion list configuration contains a strong out of office filter. This means that when you go on vacation, you no longer need to alter your list subscriptions. As long as your out-of-office message subject contains the words "out of office" or "out of the office," the filter will block it from distribution to the list. If you do not use these words in your out-of-office message subject line, it will be distributed to the entire list.

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