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Interview Booth Reservation Schedule

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There are a 17 booth spaces available for each time slot. Booth numbers will be assigned on site. 

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*=Open interview participant

Thursday, November 15 | 9AM - 5PM
9-10AM  10-11AM  11AM-12PM  12-1PM  1-2PM 2-3PM 3-4PM 4-5PM
   University of Memphis  University of Memphis    University of Memphis        
   Kenyon College*  Kenyon College*           
  Denison University   Denison University  Denison University        
    Grinnell College    Grinnell College      Grinnell College   
   Skidmore College  Skidmore College  Skidmore College        


Friday, November 16 | 9AM - 5PM
9-10AM 10-11AM 11AM-12PM 12-1PM 1-2PM 2-3PM 3-4PM 4-5PM 
      University of Memphis  University of Memphis   University of Memphis       
    Kenyon College*  Kenyon College*      Kenyon College*       
  Denison University   Denison University Denison University         
  Grinnell College     Grinnell College   Grinnell College   Grinnell College   Grinnell College    
  Skidmore College  Skidmore College        UMASS Amherst*  UMASS Amherst* 


Saturday, November 17 | 9AM - 2PM
9-10AM 10-11AM 11AM-12PM 12-1PM 1-2PM  2-3PM 
   Kenyon College*   Kenyon College*     Kenyon College*    
  Denison University  Denison University  Denison University     
   Grinnell College  Grinnell College   Grinnell College      
  UMASS Amherst*  UMASS Amherst*   UMASS Amherst*  UMASS Amherst*  
 Skidmore College Skidmore College         


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