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Connect with AAA
Connect with AAA

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Professional Membership

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In This Section

Professional Membership

Hello! Thanks for your interest in joining us; we can't wait to welcome you and help build your community. Take a few minutes to explore and learn about our journeys to anthropology and to the AAA.  We invite you to join our community for as low as  $59/year. When you join, you automatically receive access to membership in one or more of our specialized sections, you become a member of our community, and you obtain access to over 250,000 full-text articles in AnthroSource


Any person having a professional interest in the science of anthropology whether or not the interest is a source of livelihood.

For example, post-docs and professors of anthropology or related social sciences.

Perks of AAA Membership

Annual Meeting




Connect with Friends & Colleagues

  • as a Volunteer
  • at the Annual & Section Meetings
  • via Anthropology News
  • on This is Anthropology
  • on the Members-Only Directory


More Reasons to Join

Publications & Publishing

Professional Development


 Exclusive Member Discounts & Deals


Join the AAA + (1) Section for as low as $59*/year.

(*based on the lowest AAA dues tier and one section with $10 dues)


How to determine annual dues

Ability-to-pay tiers

Member dues for the professional category are based on the member's ability to pay. As such, the AAA offers a tiered-dues structure based on annual income. 


Annual Income


Two-Year Renewal


Tier 1 $0 - 9,999 $49 $93 $5
Tier 2 $10 - 19,999 $59 $112 $6
Tier 3 $20 - 29,999 $119 $226 $12
Tier 4 $30 - 49,999 $169 $320 $18
Tier 5 $50 - 74,999 $209 $397 $21
Tier 6 $75 - 99,999 $254 $483 $25
Tier 7 $100 - 149,999 $305 $580 $30
Tier 8 $150,000+ $356 $676 $36

Refund Policy
 | Dues Changes 2021


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