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Connect with AAA
Connect with AAA

In This Section

Lifetime Membership

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In This Section

Life Membership

~330 lifetime members, who loyally supported the field and the Association, were grandfathered on January 1, 2019. The lifetime membership category is closed and new members are no longer accepted unless awarded by the AAA executive director.


Perks of AAA Membership

Annual Meeting


Support the AAA Mission & the Field of Anthropology

Connect with Friends & Colleagues

  • at the Annual & Section Meetings
  • on Anthropology Day
  • on This is Anthropology
  • on the Members-Only Directory



Additional Benefits

Publications & Publishing

Professional Development


 Exclusive Member Programs

Section Membership Requirement
All lifetime members receive complimentary membership in one section. This complimentary membership satisfies the AAA requirement that all members join at least one section membership. Additional sections and interest groups may be added based on your interest and would require annual renewal in the fall/winter (all additional section memberships will have an expiration of December 31).

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