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A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.
A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.

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Palestine-Israel Fellowship Fund for Travel (PIFFT)

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In This Section

The Award

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the American Anthropological Association’s Palestine Israel Fellowship Fund for Travel. Read more about PIFFT's origins in this full letter from past AAA President Alisse Waterston (PDF) in Anthropology News.

Before applying, please download and review this document to make certain that you are eligible.

The AAA recognizes those Israeli government policies and practices that make it difficult for Palestinian and dissenting Israeli academics to: travel to international conferences; host international scholars in the West Bank and Gaza; afford membership in international organizations; and effectively collaborate with colleagues internationally.

The Palestine-Israeli Fellowship Fund for Travel (PIFFT) seeks to address these obstacles and obstructions.

PIFFT is intended to create a travel fellowship award program that will aid and support any or all of the following:

The second portion of your application is a required recommendation which must be done by a scholar familiar with your work and research aspirations. Please notify the individual prior to submitting the application (and be sure to give them adequate time to provide the recommendation before the deadline).


Among its findings, the Task Force on Israel Palestine report documents that life conditions and the social and political subordination of Palestinian academics make it unlikely that Palestinian anthropologists will be able to afford membership to AAA. The intention of the PIFFT is to help ameliorate those conditions and remove obstructions for scholarly exchange. Thus, eligibility criteria must facilitate and not hinder such exchange.

Open to all AAA members and to otherwise eligible nonmembers for whom the cost of membership constitutes a hardship. Non-members who are otherwise eligible may apply for a one-year free membership through the fund as part of their application.

-Palestine Israel Fellowship Fund Review Committee

Application Requirements


Submission Deadline: March 18

Questions and concerns should be directed to Meagan Shirley

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