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A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.
A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.

In This Section

New & Recent Graduate Program

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In This Section

New & Recent Graduate Program

The New & Recent Graduate Program provides a one-year AAA + one (1) section membership to graduates who are/were affiliated with partner institutions of the Department Services Program (DSP). This initiative began in 2017 as an effort to ensure that recent graduates had access to professional development resources. Since then, ~40 graduates per year have been nominated by their departments.

Participating AAA Sections

  • American Ethnological Society >>
  • Anthropology of Consciousness >>
  • Archaeology Division >>
  • Association of Black Anthropologists >>
  • Association for Feminist Anthropology >>
  • Association for Political and Legal Anthropology >>
  • Association for Africanist Anthropology >>
  • Association for Queer Anthropology >>
  • Association for the Anthropology of Policy >>
  • Biological Anthropology Section >>
  • Culture and Agriculture >>
  • Council on Anthropology and Education >>
  • Council for Museum Anthropology >>
  • General Anthropology Division >>
  • Middle East Section >>
  • National Association for the Practice of Anthropology >>
  • Society for Anthropological Sciences >>
  • Society for the Anthropology of Europe >>
  • Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition >>
  • Society for the Anthropology of North America >>
  • Society for Cultural Anthropology >>
  • Society for Humanistic Anthropology >>
  • Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology >>
  • Society for Linguistic Anthropology >>
  • Society for Medical Anthropology >>
  • Society for Psychological Anthropology >>
  • Society for the Anthropology of Religion >>
  • Society for the Anthropology of Work >>
  • Society for Visual Anthropology >>


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Graduates must meet all of the requirements below:


Who is eligible to nominate a candidate?

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