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A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.
A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.

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Why Give to AAA

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Q: Why should I contribute to the American Anthropological Association?

A: Your gift enables the AAA to continue advancing knowledge of humankind through scholarly research and communication. The AAA also acts as the voice for the profession in building public awareness of anthropologists’ role in understanding and solving human problems.

Q: I already pay dues, why should I donate additional money?
A: Individual membership dues provide slightly more than 20% of AAA’s budget and are directed to programs with tangible member benefits, such as American Anthropologist and Anthropology News. Other revenue sources (institutional subscriptions for journals, meeting registration and exhibitor fees, and grants) only offset the cost of the programs that they are associated with. Non fee-based services (public education, AAA web site, media relations, etc.) and any additional activities endorsed by the membership (such as special commissions) require new funds, as does the longer-term viability of AAA.

Q: Why doesn’t the AAA solicit outside funding sources, such as foundations?
A: The AAA has been successful in obtaining grants for specific projects and will continue to seek such funding, but to do so requires an investment of funds. Moreover, many important AAA services and activities are not eligible for grants.

Q: Why should I contribute to the AAA when my loyalty is to my own section or sub-field?
A: It would be difficult for the sections to survive and serve their members on their own. As the parent organization, AAA provides services to the sections and meets the common professional needs of all anthropologists.

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