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MAP Participant Board 2019

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Graphic promoting the 2021 AAA Annual Meeting. Text reads, CALL FOR PAPERS, Deadline Friday, May 21, 2021, 3 PM Eastern time. The words, Truth and Responsibility, are placed within a minimalistic design of pencil with various symbol outlines drawn on the pencil tip. At the bottom, text reads,

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2019 Participant Board 

Thank you to all the members who advocated for the AAA mission by recruiting over 120 new and lapsed members! The list below illustrates the members who participated in the 2019 Member Advocate Program campaign. We appreciate your dedication to the association and its mission to advancing knowledge and solving human problems.



AAA Member


Vanessa Anthony-Stevens 5
Eileen Moyer 4
Livia Holden 3
Larisa Honey 3
Joshua Liashenko 3
Agustin Fuentes 2
Amy Stambach 2
Anthony Oliver-Smith 2
Ari Sherris 2
Bennetta Jules-Rosette 2
Lubna Chaudhry 2
Tess Lea 2
 Adrienne Lo 
 Aisha Ghani
 Allison Mattheis
 Alysa Handelsman
 Amy Nichols-Belo
Anand Vaidya 1
 Anna Jaysane-Darr 
 Arthur Kleinman
Ashley McDermott 1
 Atreyee Sen
 Aziz Fatnassi
 Bret Gustafson
 Caitlin E Fouratt
 Caroline Egesa
 Cathrine Hasse
 Cecilie Odgaard Jakobsen
 Christina Wasson
 Cole Tobin
 Daina Sanchez
 Daniel White
 Cory Wilmott
Edmund Hamann 1
Elizabeth Keating 
Ellen Hebden 
Ellie Gooderham 
Emily Ricker 
Erin Debenport
Flora Lu
Florence Evelyn Babb
Fred Myers 1
George Bayuga 1
George Mentore 1
Greg Urban
Hannah Turner 1
Hiroaki Kawamura 1
Holly Walters 1
Hope Casareno 1
Ivan Senock 1
Jay Hammond 1
James Tim Wallace 1
Jerry Lembcke 1
Jess Newman 1
Jiexiang Zhao 1
John Schaefer 1
Jon Mitchell 1
Karen Hebert 1
Karlee Pittman 1
Kathryn Mara 1
Kira Hall 1
Kumiko Uyeda 1
Lauren Penney 1
Lisa Henry 1
Marcia Inhorn 1
Marie Brault 1
Marina Peterson 1
Marlaine Figueroa Gray 1
Melissa King 1
Meryl Shriver-Rice 1
Meyda Yegenoglu 1
Michelle Machicek 1
Mike Anastario 1
Minh Nguyen 1
Munira Khayyat 1
Natasa Garic-Humphrey 1
Nathan Lane 1
Nelson Graburn 1
Nikki Gorrell 1
Noel Chrisman 1
Olivia Hirschey Marrese 1
Pamela Downe 1
Rachel Heller 1
Rachel Black 1
Rachel Cypher 1
Rachel Hall-Clifford 1
Rebecca Seligman 1
Robyn Taylor-Neu 1
Rodrigo Renteria-Valencia 1
Ruti Talmor 1
Sabia McCoy Torres 1
Saira Mehmood 1
Sameena Mulla 1
Sarah Newcomer 1
Sheilah Nicholas 1
Sofia Vincente-Vidal 1
Stephen Lyon 1
Sumayya Kassamali 1
Tamara Kohn 1
Tanja Ahlin 1
Tara Lumpkin 1
Ting Hui Lau 1
Ty Tengan 1


 If you don't see a name on the list, please view the FAQs for a possible reason why.


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