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A button displaying an image of Zora Neale Hurston

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MAP Participant Board 2020

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2020 Participant Board 

Our community is better with our anthropology colleagues! Thanks to all the members who have recruited over 90 new and lapsed anthropologists. We appreciate that you continue to advocate for anthropology. The list below lists members who recruited new and lapsed individuals in the 2020 Member Advocate Program campaign. We appreciate your dedication to the association and its mission to advancing knowledge and solving human problems. View the 2019 Participant Board.

Last updated 10/1/2020




AAA Member


Julio Cammarota 4
Elizabeth Briody 3
Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor 3
Pamela Downe 2
Adam Van Arsdale 1
Adeli Block 1
Agustin Fuentes  1
Alyssa Crittenden 1
Ana Celia Zentella  1
Andrea Marston 1
Angela Stuesse 1
Anna Babel  1
Ashley McDermott  1
Beatriz Reyes-Foster 1
Bennetta Jules-Rosette 1
Bertin Louis 1
Bilinda Straight 1
Brendane Tynes 1
Catherine Mitchell Fuentes 1
Cathleen Crain 1
Christen A. Smith 1
David Beriss  1
David Blundell  1
Dennis Wiedman 1
Diane Hansen  1
Diane Hardgrave 1
Doug Dalton  1
E. Christian Wells 1
Edmund 'Ted' Hamann 1
Elizabeth Keating  1
Ellen Moodie  1
Erin Stiles  1
Esther Lee 1
Fred Myers  1
Gabriela Vargas-Cetina 1
George Bayuga  1
Hua Wu  1
Jacob R. Hickman 1
Jane Henrici 1
Janni Pedersen  1
Jennifer Deger 1
Jessica Newman  1
Joel Palka  1
John Baker  1
Josiah Heyman 1
Kathryn Sorensen  1
Kelly Askew 1
Kendall House 1
Kevin Yelvington 1
Kimberly Arkin  1
Kira Hall  1
Kristin Bright 1
Larisa Honey 1
Laura Miller 1
Lauren Garcia  1
Lila Dodge  1
Linda Reed-Jerofke 1
Lisa Henry  1
Livia Holden 1
Marcia Inhorn  1
Marjory Goodwin  1
Matthew DeMaio 1
Micah Marie Trapp  1
Munira Khayyat  1
Noah Pleshet 1
Patrick Devlieger 1
Paul Brodwin 1
Peter Brown 1
Rachael Heller 1
Richard Wilk 1
Robert A. Rubinstein 1
Robert W. Schrauf  1
Sandra Lopez Varela 1
Shana Harris  1
Simon Hawkins 1
Stephen M. Lyon  1
Suma Ikeuchi 1
Sumayya Kassamali  1
Teresa McCarty 1
Tiffany Marquise Jones 1
Tricia Redeker Hepner 1
Velda Khoo  1


 If you don't see a name on the list, please view the FAQs for a possible reason why.


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