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Distinguished Lecturer

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Selected by a panel of AAA past presidents, and established in 1969, a Distinguished Lecturer is named biennially to recognize intellectual contributions in anthropology. The text of the recipient's lecture, presented at the AAA Annual Meeting, is published in American Anthropologist.

Previous Distinguished Lecturers

2018 Emily Martin
2016 Frans de Waal
2014 Bruno Latour
2012 Rayna Rapp

2010 Jeremy Sabloff
2008 Johnetta Cole
2006 Sydel Silverman
2004 Robert Edgerton
2002 Fredrik Barth
2000 Laura Nader
1998 Emoke Szathmary
1997 Yolanda T Moses
1996 Sidney W Mintz
1994 Patty Jo Watson
1992 J. Desmond Clark
1991 Marvin Harris
1990 Floyd G Lounsbury
1989 Eric R Wolf
1988 Mary T Douglas
1987 Albert C Spaulding
1986 David F Aberle
1985 David R Pilbeam
1984 Charles F Hockett
1983 Clifford Geertz
1982 Marshall Sahlins
1981 Kent Flannery
1980 Raymond Firth
1979 Eliot D Chapple
1978 Milton Singer
1977 F. Clark Howell
1976 Robert McC. Adams
1975 Elizabeth Colson
1974 Miguel Leon-Portilla
1973 John W M Whiting
1972 George Condominas
1971 Robert Braidwood
1970 Joseph Greenberg

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