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A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.
A photo of the 2018 AAA Executive Board.

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Ask AAA Ethics

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The AAA has two seats dedicated to Ethics on the Members’ Programmatic Advisory and Advocacy Group (MPAAC). These individuals are available for consultation if you have ethical concerns related your research, workplace, or studies. With support from the MPAAC Ethics subcommittee and the AAA Ethics Advisory Group [Shawn, there will be a link for this when we clean up the website] they are able to respond to a wide range of issues, from professional relationships with colleagues and collaborators to ethical dilemmas in the field. No issue is too big or too small. To submit a confidential query, please email AAA.Ethics.Feedback AT gmail DOT com.

The AAA maintains an Ethics Forum featuring case material for anthropologists of all subfields working in academic and applied settings. The Ethics Forum is also the home of the annotated AAA Ethics Statement.

Many other ethics resources can be found on the AAA website’s Ethics and Methods page.

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