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Dr. A. Lynn Bolles honored with the 2021 Gender Equity Award

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In This Section

Dr. A. Lynn Bolles has been selected to receive the 2021 Gender Equity Award. In addition to honoring scholars who work toward ending discrimination against women in anthropology, this award celebrates feminist scholars working to raise awareness of discrimination in anthropology on the grounds of gender presentation of any kind. 

Dr. Bolles research on women’s participation in the trade union movement in Jamaica during the 1970s, and in activist politics more generally, was part of a broader thrust of feminist research throughout the Caribbean on women, development, and the problems of structural adjustment.  Throughout the years, she has mentored generations of students (passing on the legacies of previous Gender Equity Award winners Helen Safa and Constance Sutton), and it has been her attention to citation practices over the years that inspired younger Black feminist anthropologists to launch the #CiteBlackWomen movement.  

Dr. Bolles has held visiting appointments at the University of the West Indies and she was a research fellow at the African-Caribbean Institute of Jamaica. She has held several leadership positions within the Association of Black Anthropologists, the Association for Feminist Anthropology, the Society for the Anthropology of North America, and the American Ethnological Association. In 1997, she was elected as the first African-American President of the Caribbean Studies Association.

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