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Join the AAA

As a AAA member, you automatically receive access to membership in one or more specialized sections, access to 9,000 anthropologists from 100+ countries, and access to over 250,000 full-text articles in AnthroSource. Our members share an interest in anthropology and the recognition of the value of scientific exchange that crosses all borders. We can't wait for you to join us! 

Find the right membership category and section(s) for you:

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Individual Membership
  • Professional
    Any person having a professional interest in the science of anthropology whether or not the interest is a source of livelihood.

  • Student
    Graduate students are eligible for this category.

  • Undergraduate
    Students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree are eligible for this category.

  • Retired
    Available to any individual who meets specific eligibility criteria.

  • International
    Available only to permanent residents of countries classified by the World Bank / United Nations as a "Least Developed Country" (LDC).

  • Associate
    Available to an individual who is not employed as an anthropologist in an academic institution of higher education and/or not employed (or self employed) as a practicing anthropologist in any of anthropology's recognized sub-fields.

  • K-12 Educator - available soon!
    A subcategory of the AAA Associate membership, this new membership category is exclusively for K-12 educators who will receive a free year a membership with an option to renew at a substantially reduced rate.

Additional Options

  • Junior Anthropologist Award
    Exclusively for outstanding K-12 students. 

  • K-12 Educator Trial Membership
    Do you know (or are you) a K-12 educator who introduces anthropology to students? Nominate them for a one-year K-12 Educator trial membership. After the first year, educators may apply for the renewable K-12 membership.
  • Lifetime Members
    More than 350 lifetime members, who loyally supported the field and the Association, were grandfathered on January 1, 2019 when this category closed to new members.

  • Distinguished Members
    Annually, new members are inducted and celebrated for their 50+ years of loyal support for the Association.

Phased Out

  • Joint
    As of July 2019, this membership category is no longer available for new or renewing members. The joint membership category was provided to the spouse/partner of an active AAA member. If you were previously listed as a joint member and would like to renew, please select the best option for you from the list of membership categories above.
Why Join?
Department Partnership

Department Services Program (DSP)

The DSP is a partnership program for Departments of Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Criminal Justice, Culture, Social Sciences, museums and allied anthropology firms. The DSP provides department partners with exclusive benefits to assist heads of departments with resources to recruit and support faculty and students while simultaneously supporting the AAA's mission of advancing knowledge and solving human problems.

  • New & Recent Graduates
    Department Services Program (DSP) partners have the exclusive opportunity to gift your department’s new and recent MA, MS, & PhD graduates one-year free AAA membership.
Partners Overview
Benefits of Membership

As a AAA member, you belong to an active community of anthropologists who, like you, are studying, thinking, and researching. Your annual member dues help to strengthen our anthropological voice and provide you with tools including:

Benefits Overview