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Department Services Program (DSP)

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In This Section

Department Services Program

The Department Services Program (DSP) is a partnership for Departments of Anthropology, Sociology, Geography, Criminal Justice, Culture, Social Sciences, museums and allied anthropology firms. The DSP provides department partners with exclusive benefits to assist heads of departments with resources to promote their department, recruit and support faculty and students while simultaneously supporting the AAA's mission of advancing knowledge and solving human problems.

DSP + AnthroGuide

As of April 2021, DSP benefits include an AnthroGuide listing. 

How it Works?
Annually in April, you will receive an email from the membership department that requests your interest in joining/renewing your DSP partnership. Your DSP dues package will include your department's AnthroGuide listing rate. All DSP partnerships expire on and dues package invoices are due by July 31st.

How to manage your DSP Partnership
We've tried to make managing your DSP partnership easy. If you are joining DSP for the first time, you will need to complete the join application. Renewing partners should complete the renewal application.

Once the application is received, we will email an invoice within 24-48 hours (unless its a Friday, then it will be on the next business day). The individual(s) who's listed as the primary contact and/or chair will have access to the department profile to apply payment and to edit their AnthroGuide listing. Information about how to manage both your DSP and AnthroGuide listings will be provided once payment is confirmed. 

Active DSP Partners 

We are grateful for the departments that have been able to partner with the AAA in support of its mission. You can view the most active list of Department Partners via their "official DSP badge" in the AnthroGuide directory.

Partner Benefits

Department Resources


Networking Opportunities


Student Resources

Dues Packages

*Although the AnthroGuide is a benefit of being a DSP Partner, Bachelors Programs, Affiliated Institutions/Museums, and Field Schools are exceptions who may list in the AnthroGuide complimentarily without being DSP Partners. You can indicate this on the DSP join/renew application.

The following institutions may join the DSP Partnership community complimentary:

Note: The DSP Partnership package rates assumes your institution's highest anthropology related degree offered. 

Partnership Calendar

Your DSP Partnership is active from August 1 to July 31.

Note: For any departments who join/renew after July 31st, you are not guaranteed a print listing and your invoice may be pro-rated to reflect an online only option. For all applications received September 1 - April 30th, your department will only be included in the online guide. All DSP partnerships dues are pro-rated by one month after August 1.


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