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Learning Resources for K-12

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In This Section

Ready to teach?

Become the most effective teacher you can by using the American Anthropological Association’s Teaching Materials Exchange. While there you can give back and help others by submitting your materials.

Thanks to the AAA Resource Development Committee, the donors and members who contributed to the Teaching Materials Exchange.

Additional Resources for K-12 Teachers

Teaching eHRAF

This innovative, interdisciplinary teaching resource for universities, colleges, and high schools is aimed at providing faculty with ideas about how to use the eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology online databases in their curricula. 

Anthropology on the Internet for K-12

Smithsonian Institution Libraries
The Internet's tremendous growth in size and popularity has resulted in the need for assistance in navigating it. This select list of Web sites, each with a brief annotation, is a sample of what the Internet holds for teachers and students interested in the field of anthropology.


Teacher.org believes that teachers have the power to inspire our future. In order to have more inspired students, we need more inspiring teachers. Find out more about what will be required of you on your journey toward becoming a teacher!


Searching for more information about anthropology? Check out our This is Anthropology initiative. 

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