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In This Section

Guide to Annual Meeting Terms

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In This Section

Board Meeting: where section planning takes place, these are only open to section board members

Business Meeting: where a section takes care of its public business, these are open to anyone interested, and it is a good idea to visit a section's business meeting if that section interests you so you can learn about its activities

Film session: screenings of films by anthropologists and of interest to anthropologists; there is no charge for attendance

Innovent: an event which does not fit the normal categories, for example on which involves a 'field trip' into the surrounding areas

Interest group: usually smaller than a section or opting not to become a full section, and less formal than a section; a group of anthropologists with a particular set of interests, professional or academic

Invited Session: panels that are sponsored by sections of the AAA to participate in the meeting; anyone can attend these sessions

Paper: a formal, spoken 15-minute presentation, often accompanied by a slide show; questions are held until the end of the session

Poster : large, graphic presentations with no formal discussion; visit any posters of interest; dialogue with presenters is encouraged

Reception : sponsored events generally open to anyone, often with free refreshments

Roundtable: forums to discuss critical social issues affecting anthropology; very participatory with dialogue between the panel and audience

Salon: focuses on a classic text which a group of anthropologists have decided to re-visit in more detail

Section: an organization within the AAA, usually centered on an area of anthropological interest or identity, which has a significant membership, a budget, conducts activities throughout the year, hosts events at the Annual Meeting; many publish an academic journal; some hold smaller meetings in the spring

Social (cash bar): sponsored by sections, focused on networking and socializing; individuals pay for their own drinks

Volunteered Panel Session: either organized by presenters or assembled from individual proposals; these sessions are subjected to a peer review process; anyone can attend these sessions

Workshop : hands-on presentations on a given topic; usually require advance registration


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