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What is NASA?

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The National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA) is the student section of the American Anthropological Association founded in 1985 to address graduate and undergraduate student concerns and to promote the interests and involvement of students as anthropologists-in-training. NASA is a four-field network of students, which directly addresses issues that are of interest to both undergraduate and graduate students, including finding jobs, attending graduate school, fieldwork programs and networking.

A Letter from the President of NASA

Dear Fellow Students,

Welcome to Chicago! As the president of the National Association of Student Anthropologists (NASA) section, I wish to extend a warm welcome to the American Anthropological Association (AAA) 2013 Annual Meeting. I invite you to take advantage of all of the great networking and learning opportunities that exist at this event.

This year NASA has partnered with the AAA team to bring you a single, cohesive student guide to the AAA. In addition to this collaboration, we are also pleased to offer a virtual student guide for the first time. In this guide, you will find more information about the AAA, some selected sessions that may be of particular interest to students, and a small guide to city of Chicago. Along with the AAA staff, our NASA Programming Committee has been working very hard to build a diverse program that represents students from all sub-fields.

While the AAA meeting offers a wonderful forum to network with seasoned anthropologists and to explore interests, it also offers a great chance to build relationships with fellow students. There is amazing camaraderie among students even from different schools. As we enter into the professional and academic realm of anthropology following graduation, our peers will as well. I encourage you to take this time to talk about future research, meetings and sessions. Together, we represent the future of anthropology and the AAA.

The NASA Executive Board and I encourage you to join us at our various events. No matter what level of your education you may be at—undergraduate or graduate—you are an integral part of the AAA! Please join us to discuss (or just listen about) the status of our organization at our open forum Business Meeting on Friday, November 22 at 12:15 pm, or stop by to chat with a board member at our booth at the Graduate Student Fair on Saturday anytime between 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. The overarching goal of NASA is to unite students and promote collaboration.

Once again, welcome to the AAA meeting. May you take full advantage of this amazing opportunity and leave invigorated with new ideas! For more information about NASA, please visit our updated website at nasa.americananthro.org.


Nicole Collier Ryan

President, 2012-2013

National Association of Student Anthropologists

For more information, please see the History of National Association of Student Anthropologists


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