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In This Section

Resources on Evaluating Scholarship: Tenure & Promotion

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In This Section

Several resources can aid Promotion and Tenure committees in evaluating the quality of applied, practicing, public interest, or engaged scholarship. They can also be used to provide guidance on how to assess impact on the community, significance to the discipline, and value to the discipline. The AAA draws attention to a selection:
1) The National Review Board for the Scholarship of Engagement provides external peer review and evaluation of faculty scholarship of engagement:
2) Imagining America’s Tenure Team Initiative Report provides recommendations to support and evaluate publically engaged scholars:
3) The National Council on Public History published a report of best practices for evaluating public history scholarship:

Examples of statements from other professional organizations:
1) AAA Statement the Evaluation of Ethnographic Visual Media:
2) The American Folklore Society:
3) The National Council on Public Historians:

See also:
Consortium of Practicing and Applied Anthropology Programs (COPAA) Tenure and Promotion Recommendations for Applied Anthropology Programs:

Bennett, Linda A. and Sunil K. Khanna.  2010. A Review of Tenure and Promotion Guidelines in Higher Education: Optimistic Signs for Applied, Practicing, and Public Interest Anthropology.  American Anthropologist 112(4): 648-650.

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