AAA Calls for Anthropologists to “Take Action – Come to our Meeting in D.C.” - Participate and Advocate
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AAA Calls for Anthropologists to “Take Action – Come to our Meeting in D.C.”

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February 2, 2017

AAA Calls for Anthropologists to “Take Action – Come to our Meeting in D.C.”

Let us be perfectly clear, the new U.S. administration’s ill-informed, heavy-handed executive order denying US entry to citizens from seven Muslim majority countries not only affecting Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya and Somalia – it’s affecting the entire world. It is filled with, in the words of AAA President Alisse Waterston, “hateful cultural ignorance,” and is a blow to the aspirational values this country was founded on.

AAA stands in solidarity with those wishing to take action in opposing the executive order, denouncing the highly charged xenophobic rhetoric it has spawned, and holding the administration accountable for remaining within the guide rails of truth and justice. We acknowledge the motivations of those proposing a boycott of international conferences held in the US until the ban is lifted.

Our call to action, however, offers a different tack – be present, not absent.

The U.S. administration needs to hear that international criticism here, in its own backyard. AAA encourages its 10,000 worldwide members to come to Washington for our Annual Meeting this November to voice their concerns and criticisms. Holding the meeting in the US capital allows AAA members to engage directly with their representatives, and brainstorm practical academic responses with fellow anthropologists. This is your chance to personally let the government know, in hearable tones, about the pain and suffering it is causing in the US and abroad with its failure to imagine the consequences of its actions.

AAA is working to ensure those with visa issues, including and especially those in the countries directly affected by the ban, will be able to participate and have their voices heard at the conference.

We need you to stand with us as an association of anthropologists to ensure our collective voice is heard.

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